Monday, August 31, 2009


So I'm only a week into my Anatomy class and I feel like maybe I bit off more than I can chew.

We read one chapter a week and have to post a discussion and take a quiz. Sounds easy, right? Well, the chapters are about 30 pages long, and the handwritten notes I took on it were about 9 pages! I also did all of the activities, games, and practice I'm guessing I spent a good 6-7 hours last week on school work.

I was SO nervous to take the quiz last night! I just bit the bullet and totally freaked out. They give you 30 minutes, so I sort of rushed through the first 5 questions. When I clicked submit, it said I was done! Needless to say, I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. Which is SUCH a bummer because I think I just got major test anxiety - I knew the information! UGH. The GOOD news is that we can drop our 2 lowest test scores, so this will definitely be one of them.

I am kind of loving Fit Nut's lists right now. :-) I LOVE lists! So here is my goal to try and change this thing around:

- Set aside at least one night a week JUST for school work

- Make sure house is quiet and I'm not tired/hunger when taking quiz

- Print off Power Point Slides prepared by professor (tongue twister!) and take additional
notes on them after reading chapters (instead of writing them all out by hand)

- Close out of Tweet Deck prior to starting quiz. ;-)

- Don't get discouraged.

Whew. I feel better already.

Normally I deal with stress in bad, bad, ways. You know, hittin' the bottle and such. LOL - okay not really, but I do eat when I'm stressed and I'm determined NOT to let this get to me.

I just finished "The Power of Now," and I love that it focuses on being content in our present state. Basically, it says that at THIS moment, we don't have any pain/problems. Most of our pain and worries comes from thinking about past events or future events. This is SO true for me. So whenever I get stressed now about something that hasn't even happened, I just repeat "The Power of Now" to myself (in my head, don't want those weird looks) and remind myself to just BE.

In good news, my knee is feeling better!!! Not 100%, but I'd say it's definitely 80% better. I just have some achiness in the morning and sometimes throughout the day if I'm climbing stairs or something. I go Wednesday for Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) - fingers crossed! I definitely think the Active Release Technique helped, so let's hope this will get me back to 100%.

Sorry this is boring and blah...just wanted to say "hi" and hope you're all having a great Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Calling All Students

So...I'm a little out of touch with being a student. I need help!

In college I always took notes by hand. I know I type faster than I write, but I retain things more if I write them out.

Problem is, this is creating LOTS of writing for my anatomy class!

How do you/did you take notes in classes? I feel kinda silly for even asking about this, but I just want to make sure I kick a$$ in my classes and I really have to stay on top of things.

*Date update - going to dinner with Teacher boy on Saturday. He is SO sweet....I talked to him on the phone and just kept asking questions. Like, he was actually interested in what I was saying! LOL.

The only thing is, I'm not sure if the attraction is there. I mean, he's very good looking, but for me it's all about personality. Usually I date good looking guys (or at least I think they are good looking, and my sister does, too, since she flirts with them - *Hi, Kristy!). However, one guy I dated was not my type (physically), yet I was SO attracted to him because he was hilarious! If you can make me laugh, you seriously have me.

Are you a looks person or personality person? (And don't be afraid here....I will admit that I can't imagine dating a guy under 5'11" because I'm 5'9". Good for Katie Holmes, but that just ain't me - vain as that sounds).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Turkey Joes...Turk - Turkey Joes

Sorry. Everytime I think about Sloppy Joes I always sing that song by Adam Sandler. Love that man!

So I came to the realization that it's pretty sad that I have not made some pretty "basic" meals in my life - meatloaf, pot roast, and....Sloppy Joes!

I found this recipe for TURKEY Joes. And I do love my ground turkey.

This was so. good. I will DEFINITELY be makin' these babies again! I think the mustard (and BBQ sauce) add a lil' somethin' somethin' to the mix. (*Do "regular" Sloppy Joes have mustard and BBQ sauce?) I'm thinking you could use fake meat and they would still turn out - the sauce is where it's at, baby.

After I went all buck wild on Almond Butters in my house, I finally used up some old jars and was able to rip into this puppy: Briden Wilson Farm Almond Butter.

I won this from a contest on Heather's blog. WOW. Can I just say, wow?! It's going to be so hard to go back to "normal" almond butter after this! I've never made my own AB, but this is how I would imagine it would taste if I did. Very, very fresh. Kind of "gritty," if you will. But not in a bad way! I like to taste my nuts (TWSS). Thanks, HEAB!

Almond Butter is one of the best things to come out of my blog stalkingsurfing. I don't know what I'd do without it now! Of course, as luck would have it, it's also $$$. For now I'll stick to Trader Joe's - though Maranatha has my heart. What's the best new food you've found in the last year?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coffee Date and Back to School

Happy Monday, bloggies!

So I'm freaking out just a little bit since today I start something I said I would NEVER do again (this is why you should never say never)....I'm starting school!

Actually, I'm pretty excited about it. I figure I'll do the best I can in these classes (this fall and next Spring), and if I decide nursing isn't for me, that's okay. I won't actually apply to the nursing program until the Spring, and it's very hard to get into. But I'm a firm believer (*cheesiness alert*) that everything happens for a reason. So for now I'll just plug along and do what I can, and at least I'll learn a thing or two along the way. Hell, maybe I'll learn what the heck is goin' on with my knee!

So I met Match guy for coffee yesterday. Actually, I'll call him "Teacher Guy" since he's (duh) a teacher. (I often have nicknames for people I any of you do that? I would tell you some of them, but they're not all "blog friendly"). LOL

It went pretty well! To me, a good first date is one that you're not scrambling to get out of. Did I think off the bat that he was *the one*? No. But he's a nice guy, the conversation was flowing, he asked lots of questions (!), and he just seemed very sweet. And he's cute. And ripped! Might have to start lifting more. Plus, did I mention he's a teacher?! SUCH a sucker for the guy who loves kids. I think we're going to try and meet up for dinner, so we'll see how that goes.

So yesterday I met my potential roommate and she is a total sweetheart! It's only temporary (she is hoping to get a job in either Dallas or Atlanta), but this will buy me some time to look for someone else. Fingers crossed! Oh, and D still isn't speaking to me. I know so many of us have been there, but it's incredibly uncomfortable living with someone who won't even make eye contact with you. And I don't feel like I did anything wrong?!

Does anyone else start school today/soon? If you're finished with school, have you ever thought of going back? I really hated college. Well, the learning part. ;-) There were $0.15 beers, people! But I am excited about this new chapter in my life, especially because I believe I'm on the path to doing something that I love. Life is too short. We spend so much of our lives at our jobs, it should really be doing something we love and take pride in.

Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ART and Drama

Thanks SO much for your advice on St. Louis boy....I think I'll give him one more chance and if the convo is similar to the first, I'll tell him to save the gas $$$ (hey, it's hard times now, people!). It's good to know I'm not the only picky person out there when it comes to relationships. In the infamous words of Loreal (right?), I'm worth it.

So this morning I had my 4th ART session (Active Release Technique). One thing I love about this chiropractor is that he was very honest and upfront when I first went in. He told me, "You should know in 3-4 sessions whether or not this is for you." Phew! An honest chiropractor?! Thought that was harder to find than a Patrick Demsey look alike in Indiana.

As of right now my knee feels great, but he told me that if it doesn't feel better than he's not the guy for me. He recommended someone who specializes in Muscle Activation Techniques. Anyone ever heard of this? Basically they look for muscle imbalance and weakness, and DIG into the muscles to activate them. Or something like that. I might give it a shot, since it's only $75/session (this is cheap compared to what I'd pay to see another doctor....sad, huh?!).

In other news, I've had some may-juh roommate drama this week. L-O-N-G story, but basically my roommate, D, told me he's moving out next month. So my neighbor found a gal who needs a place by September 1st. Well, D basically stirred the pot and had a very mean conversation with our neighbor, and now she doesn't want to tell this girl she should live here (because D said he'd ignore her and not speak to her). dad caught wind of this and called D, basically calling him out on what he was doing. My dad was a little harsh, but never threatening. Well, D called his cousin (a cop) and told him my dad was threatening him! WTF?! My dad wouldn't - COULDN'T - hurt a fly even if he wanted to. He's the trashrunner, for cryin' out loud! LOL. He's just really protective of me since I have a hard time standing up for myself.

So basically D angrily announced he'll move out by 9/1 and HOPEFULLY this girl is cool and can move in! (I'm meeting her today). It just stinks because D is not even speaking to me right now - he's really made this whole situation into a huge fiasco, when it didn't need to be at all.

I hate it when people are drama queens and just like to stir the pot. Even if a situation isn't ideal, what's the point of creating drama and making it worse....ya know?

On a lighter note, here's the cutest Catholic school girl ya ever saw.

My niece started KINDERGARTEN this week! Agggh!! So cute I can hardly stand it.

Well, I'm off to meet a guy I've been talking to on Match - in PUBLIC. LOL. Wish me luck! He sounds super nice, so we'll see....

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

So I met this boy in St. Louis....

My cousin and I went out Saturday night and this guy started talking to me. He was really sweet and cute, so we exchanged numbers and texted the next day (we both went to the game).

True to form, he lives about 2 1/2 hours from me (I always find the out-of-towners somehow...even when I'm out of town). But he mentioned that he'd like to come see me sometime. I thought, "Ya know, why not?" So we talked on the phone this week and....yeah. He's SUPER sweet, but here are my issues:

1. LOVES to talk. About himself. I think he only asked me a couple of questions, and that was a good 20 minutes into the conversation. Now, I LOVE a guy who can talk, and maybe he was nervous, but it's always sweet when guys ask you questions....ya know? Plus, I'm not the type of person to talk about myself freely - I'm more of a listener. So I welcome the questions!

2. Talked about ex-girlfriend for approx. 10 minutes. Seriously?! I just don't think ex-talk should be brought up for awhile. It's one thing if you ask the, "When was your last serious relationship?" question. (eeeek - I hate that question!). But, guys, PLEASE don't talk about any situations involving your ex on the FIRST conversation.

3. He seems a little....unmotivated. Now, I've always joked that I would end up with the gas station attendant, because my sisters married the geniuses of the family. And you know what? If the gas station attendant were a smart, sweet guy, I would totally be down with that. Okay, so this guy is NOT a gas station attendant, but he doesn't seem motivated in his current job. He's unemployed 1/2 of the year (his job is seasonal) and he seems....okay with that? I hope that doesn't sound snobbish, because I would MUCH rather be with a pauper than a prince, but it just bugs when guys come off as lazy.

So there ya go. My question is - do I still let him come visit? If this guy lived in town, I'd go out with him just for sh!ts and giggles. Ya never know, and you only live once! But considering he'd have to drive 2 1/2 hours and I've already made a LIST about him (LOL), I would just feel so guilty having him come.

What do you think? Am I too picky? Are you/were you a picky person when it comes to relationships? Well, I know I'm too picky. But tell me that is okay. ;-)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


If there's one thing that bothers me in this world, it's braggers.

We all know them. "Look at my new car!" "I'm SO excited to go to Florida - have fun in the snow!" Ugh....they make my skin crawl.

Now, there is a difference between "braggers" and people who are genuinely not looking for praise. No, I don't get mad when each of my friends gets a new car! LOL.


- Want you to be jealous of them
- Are insecure/unhappy and bragging brings them "up," similar to those who use bullying to make themselves feel better

For example, a friend of mine drove a total beater of a car for years....when she got a brand new SUV this year, I could NOT have been happier for her. She totally deserved it! And I knew when she told me about it, she wasn't bragging. She was just extremely excited and happy - and I wanted to share that with her!

I have another friend who gets new "gadgets" all of the time - iPhone, new cars every year, new expensive cameras, etc. When she tells me about these things, I know she wants me to be jealous. She is a stay at home mom, but I know she's truly unhappy with her weight and her marriage. So by bragging about these new things, she's bringing herself up. It makes her feel better.

Another example is a co-worker of mine. I've always gotten the feeling that she's "watching" my weight and my body. When she asked me if I'd lost weight a few months ago, it wasn't the "Wow - you look great!" tone. It was more like 'looking you up and down' tone. Does that make sense? I almost feel like she is competitive with me. (*For example, someone brought in cookies for MY birthday and she commented loudly that she wouldn't eat them because they were way too fattening. Then she looked at me and smiled condescendingly as I was reaching for one!'s my birthday, bitch! LOL) Anyway, she had about 20 pounds to lose and has lost about 15 pounds so far.

When she came in the other day, her first comment to myself and my co-worker was, "Look at me! I couldn't wear these pants a few months ago because my ass was too fat!" Now, when I lost about 15 pounds recently - I didn't say a word to anyone about it. You didn't catch me galavanting around the office saying - "look at me! I'm 2 sizes smaller, people!" That's just not me. And I knew from past encounters with her that she simply wanted praise from us. Of course, I'm embarrassed to admit that I turned into stubborn/biotch mode and congratulated her, but went on to say something about how I'd lost weight, too. I know...what am I - five years old? I hate that braggers bring out that side of me....but they do.

How about you? Do you know braggers? How do you deal with them?

I've learned with friends (like my stay-at-home mom friend) I just comment and congratulate them, and move on. But it's harder for me to do that with strangers or people I'm not friends with (like my co-worker).

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Worry Wart

....or is it Worry WORT?

Whatever it is, I am one.

I had a good talk with my dad this weekend on my way to St. Louis about my anxiety. I worry about money, I worry about finding someone, I worry about school (now), I worry about what other people think (all.the.time)....well, you get my drift.

My dad worked a pretty high stress job for 34 years, and was able to retire 4 years ago. Let me just tell you, the man is a COMPLETELY different guy from his working days. He's so carefree...he's like a little kid!

He gave me one good suggestion - he suggested I keep a little notebook with me and write down all of the things I worry about throughout the day. At the end of the day, I'll look and see what things I worried about that I no longer have to - maybe it's getting laundry done, or having enough time to get somewhere. And then look at the things that are more long-term (like school, job, etc.). Then estimate how much time I've wasted throughout the day worrying about random sh!t.

So yesterday morning, I got my little notebook and I started. Let me just tell you - I'd written down 3 things within ten minutes of waking! And this was my day OFF from work. LOL.

I kept jotting things down but I only made it till about noon before I stopped. I seriously had written down 20 things!

So it got me to thinking...I think I just need to be more organized about things. I LOVE to-do lists, but my problem is that I'm a may-juh procrastinator and half the things don't get done, so I just give up.

I think I'm going to start making a daily to-do list (also at the suggestion of my dad...apparently he should be my free therapist now?) and list things that need to be done soon at the top, and things that don't need to be done as quickly at the bottom.

Hopefully this will help....I think about all the time I've spent worrying in my life about STUPID stuff - I mean, I've probably spent weeks of my life worrying if you'd add it all up! It's just silly to live that way, ya know?

What about you? Are you a worrier? How do you deal with anxiety? Are you a to-do-lister?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It was so nice to get away for a little bit, and the sight of this made everything that much better.

We went to the game on Saturday and on Sunday...they won both games so I think we're good luck. :-) Here's my cousin and I before Saturday's game.

Us and Fredbird

My dad and I...check out that sexy taped knee!
My cousin and I ensued in some crazy shenanigans that evening....

Sunday's game with the fam

My cousin scored AMAZING seats for Sunday's game. 10 rows behind home plate!! I was in HEAVEN.

My boy Albert....sigh.

Me, my dad, and my cousin

My dad showin' off his socks...he's such a goof.

It was SUCH a great weekend...and I took today off from work to catch up on some things at home. Um....Mondays are SO MUCH BETTER when you don't have to work!
So I had to delete my last post because it's kind of a long story, but I think there's a chance the boy saw my blog or knows about it. But long story short, everything went pretty well. I was kind of proud of myself for standing my ground, and it made me realize sometimes we have to do what's hard if we know in the end it's what is BEST for us....ya know?
Hope you all had great weekends...I'm off to tackle the to-do list!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Special Delivery

So I might have been a big premature in my excitement about my knee not hurting. It's bothering me again today - urghh!

But you know what? I think Sagan hit the nail on the head when she said I need to continue with treatment long enough to see if it really works. Like most people, I want results ASAP, but I guess it's just not that easy! So I'm going back to ART next Tuesday and will probably go twice after that....if it's not better in a few weeks - Plan B! (I'll go get a 2nd recommendation from another doctor).

Since I'm thinking about going back to school full-time for nursing, I'm taking some pre-reqs this fall and next Spring. One of the classes is Anatomy and Physiology. I actually took Anatomy when I went to Indiana University, and it was my FAVORITE class - hands down! We got to work with cadavers, which sounds horrible (they were already dissected by the med school students), but it was actually very interesting to see what the insides of our bodies look like.

ANYway, so I'm taking these classes online - kinda crazy that they offer Anatomy online?! I ordered my books, and got my books and this box in the mail yesterday.

So as I'm perusing through the box, I see some goggles, a container with liquid....and a bag of something....SQUISHY. What is this?? I'm feeling around the bag, and THEN I see the label:


WTF??!!! Can a girl get a warning up in here??!

Surprisingly I didn't scream, just dropped it into the box in my state of bewilderment. I mean....REALLY?

I'm assuming I'm supposed to disect this thing. Oh - and the container of liquid? A sheep's eye. Needless to say, I might go veg.

My friend said her sister took the same online class and ended up watching some great dissection videos on YouTube. Um....sign me up! I think that's what I'll do, but I mean - do I throw this away? I am so perplexed.

On a brighter note, I'm so glad it's Thursday!!! I'm going to St. Louis with my dad on Saturday/Sunday to see my cousin, and of course go to a couple Cardinals games. And then Monday I'm taking the day off! I have to go to an information session for the school I'm taking the online classes through, but it will be SO NICE to not have to work.

What are you up to this weekend? Any ideas what I should do with little piggy?

I am thankful for:

- Fresh apples with cinnamon

- Chick flix

- Busy days that go by fast!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ART Review

Thanks for all your comments about trying Match - I'm excited about it! It's good to hear so many people have heard good stories. I will keep you posted on any creepersdashing young men that I meet. ;-)

So I went last night and had my first "ART" session (Active Release Technique). It was different than I thought! I thought it was going to hurt like a mother, but it really wasn't that bad at all.

The chiropractor said he could definitely feel the "adhesion" on my IT band that's been bothering me - it's like a giant KNOT and I can't work it out with my foam roller OR the Stick. He said it's the worst he's felt in a long time (I always wonder when they say that true? Or are they saying that so you'll come back? Hmmm.)

Anyway, my knee feels GREAT today! I woke up in the morning with some achiness (per usual), but after I got done with my strength training at the gym, it felt AWESOME! I go back next Tuesday for another session, and I'm also going to try getting taped at my Physical Therapist tomorrow.

Sideline: I gave in!!! I'm tweeting now. Are any of you?? Not to sound like an 80 year old, but I really don't know what the hell I'm doing! LOL.

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Today I am thankful for:

- Goofing around with the roomie
- Clean kitchens
- Planning out future vacations!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

*Note: I feel like I've gotten kind of monotonous with my posts lately since I am not running and my knee is still bothering expect to see some posts about my randomnessa little of everything.

So after a lot of proddingencouragement from my sisters and friends, I decided to join I will be very honest - I never have wanted to do the online dating thing. I know it works - 2 of my best friends found their spouses online, and another is getting ready to get engaged! But you know? All 3 of those people lie to others when asked how they met their significant other. It makes me think they are embarrassed, and to be honest, I don't really want to tell people I'm doing it, either!

I always thought I would meet "Mr. Right" all on my own. I mean, not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!), but I think I'm kind of a catch. ;-) I have my own house, an awesome family, I'm not in debt, and I think I'm funny - well, I laugh at my own jokes, LOL. And I obviously take care of myself and am confident, probably more than I've ever been. But a part of me thinks of online dating as "cheating," somehow? I guess it's like infertility treatments, though (which many of my friends have experienced) - you want it all to happen naturally, of course, but what is wrong with going an alternate route just to make it happen?

Anyway, I've talked to a couple of guys over the phone and no luck so far. I only got a 3 month membership so I'm giving it until October to try it out. Have any of your friends/family had good luck with online dating?

Today I am thankful for:

- Fantasy football
- The Cardinals being back in 1st place
- Vacations to look forward to

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twilight SPOILER and Yucca!


I have been saving the last book of the Twlight Series, "Breaking Down" for FOREVER. Why? Because I don't want the series to be over! Everyone says they're depressed when it's over, so I just won't let it be over.

Anywho, no one has told me any spoilers and I've not even asked. I don't want to know! (Even though I DO). So when I saw that Stephanie Meyers (the author) was being sued for this book, I clicked on this article. TOTALLY says what happens in the book! Bella and Edward ----- and she ------. OMG.

I was so sad to have it spoiled. Guess I should read the book now.

Have you read the Twilight Series or are you staying strong and resisting? Have you ever had something spoiled?

I refused to read the books at first, but finally gave in out of curiosity's sake. I think it's more that I've fallen in love with the characters (not to sound cheesy, but that totally does), moreso than the story line. The story line is great, but you really are just rooting for the main characters the whole time.

Anyway, onto food.

After I saw yucca fries on Emily's blog, I knew I had to give them a shot.

I'm not a huge salty foods person, to be honest. I mean, given the choice - I choose SWEETS! But if I had to choose one salty food, it'd be fries. NO doubt.

I actually had to ask Emily where exactly to get yucca in the grocery store. :-) When I first saw it, I was a little scaredsurprised.

This thang was kind of hard to chop! I felt so Swiss Family Robinson. But I cut it into fry-like shapes, sprinkled it with pepper and THIS salt:

(Is that not the best salt ever? And I don't even like salt!)

And baked it for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

These were SO good!!! They were pretty hard/crunchy - much more than I expected. But you know...I LIKED that! The only time I'll eat mushy fries is if I'm dipping McD's fries into their ice cream. ;-) (Anyone else tried this? Bomb.)

I'm definitely making these again!

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Today I am thankful for:
- Traffic reports
- Multi-tasking
- Cold, refreshing drinks

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Legume

After reading about lentils on Iowa Girl Eats blog, I knew I had to try them! They're supposed to have a lot of staying power, they are cheap, and they are super good for you! Sold.

So I found this recipe for Lentil Tomato Soup.

I omitted the wine because I already have one mostly full bottle of wine in my fridge - this non-wine drinker doesn't need two! I also just used 2 tablespoons of butter instead of 4.

Hmmm - I didn't like it! Not sure if it omitting the red wine, or the cloves/nutmeg combo (I only like those spices usually with pumpkin pie). :-)

Thankfully this gal came to my rescue.

I love her. Mrs D. makes it all better. Well....mostly better. She's no miracle worker.

But ONE thing is for sure - lentils stick with you! Like, they keep you full for several hours after. I can't wait to try lentils again. Do you ever eat lentils? If so, what's your favorite lentil recipe?

I also picked this baby up at Whole Foods this weekend:

Hmmm. I guess if you go into it not expecting flavor (and definitely not expecting "Squirt" soda!), you'll be happy! It was pretty bland, but the more I drank it, the more I didn't mind. It DID make me feel good that it had no artificial sweeteners or calories. I'd be anxious to try the other flavors, too.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!! Hooray - we're halfway through the week!

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Today I am thankful for:

- 24 (Just started watching Season 1....I am HOOKED!)
- Albert Pujols (Homerun AND Grand Slam last night....amaze!!)
- Eggs (so CHEAP and yummy)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WholePaycheck Foods

Thank you so much for your great suggestions as to what to do with my knee. I feel like such a whiner sometimes, but it's like having your most favorite thing taken away from you (for me, running) - after you'd just gotten it back! (because I couldn't run for a year).

Heeding Holly's advice, I made an appointment next Tuesday for Active Release Technique (ART). I've heard nothing but GREAT things from people who've had this done. It's pricey ($80 for the first, $40 for the second...I didn't ask after that! lol), but you know, it's still much cheaper than what I would pay out of pocket to go to the doctor! I figure this is worth a shot. Have you tried ART or know anyone that has?

The other night after my sister's birthday dinner, I realized I was just a few miles from Whole Foods - and I've never been (shock!). I thought we didn't have any here in Indy, but apparently we have 2! Unfortunately, the closest is still 8 miles away, so I can't get over there too often.

Oh my goodness! I can see why everyone is in love with this place.

I can also see why all of the celebrities shop here.

They can actually afford shiz!

Now I know grapes are on the dirty dozen list for produce, so when I saw organic grapes, I snagged them right up. When I was checking out, I said to the cashier, "Um, I'm sorry - I think that is wrong? It says $10.50 for the grapes?" He looked at me and smiled. "No, that is right. They are $2/lb. Would you like to keep them?"

Um, NO! WTF?!

I was so embarrassed, since the store is in a nice area of town and didn't want to look like the cheap skate I am. So he offered to take out half, which was fine. Still $5!!! For grapes?! I eat a bag a week...if I bought organic grapes year-round that is over $500 (if I got the full-size bag).

Sigh. Hopefully one day I'll live in a world where organic produce doesn't cost so much that I have to contemplate selling organs to afford them.

Do you buy organic products? And do you shop at WholePaycheck Foods? Or do you try to save by shopping at "The Wal-Marts"?

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Today I am thankful for:

- Helpful advice

- Quick Mondays

- Comfy shorts

Monday, August 3, 2009

I (K)need a Solution

It has been over two months since I first started to experience pain in my left knee. I'm frustrated, to say the very least, that it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Some days are fine, but the achiness always seems to come back. Here are the things I've done and been doing since in May, and the breakdown of how much it has all cost me out of pocket:

- Went to orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with patella femoral malalignment ($154)
- Went to PT 2 x's and have been doing exercises on my own at home ($342)
- Using knee tape everyday ($17)
- Bought an orthotic for my left foot ($240)
- Bought the Stick and the Foam Roller, use one or both once a day ($70)

Grand Total: $823

I have also been icing 2-3 times a day, and taking 8 ibuprofen a day (not all at once!).

Do you see why I'm so frustrated? This is like my hip problem all over again. I know injuries are inevitable with runners at some point, but if they could just tell me what I need to do to fix it, I'd be totally fine with that!! Not to mention, I haven't even been running and it's giving me problems.

Sorry to bitch. It's just that running is a HUGE - HUGE - part of my life. I've run for 13 years, and I'm just not the same without it. I am also worried that I'll go down the path of either restriction or binging again, although my weight has stayed the same since I haven't been able to run.

Here are my options as I see them now to figure this thing out:

- Wait it out and see if it gets better (bleh)
- Go to a sports medicine doctor for 2nd opinion
- Go back to Physical Therapy for more stretches/exercises
- Stop all cardio (walking, elliptical, "rulking") all together to see if it gets better
- See if diet of only cookie dough and diet coke helps the healing process

Of course options 2 and 3 would cost more $$$, and I'm trying desperately to save money for school next year. BUT at this point I would sell my kidney, folks.

What do you think I should do? I'm just at a total loss. Sorry again to be a whiner, but this is something I really don't talk to my family/friends about because they've heard it before and I don't want to be a broken record. But ya'll don't mind my broken record-ness...right? ;-)

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Today I am thankful for:

- Fresh water
- Ice packs
- Football season being right around the corner!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Front Loading

I've always been a light eater in the morning, heavy eater at night. Let me tell you what I had every single day while I was teaching and training for my 2nd marathon:

- Breakfast: Banana + fat free yogurt
- Lunch: Campbells Soup by the Hand + String Cheese
- Snack: Fat Free Yogurt

Um....YEAH. How the heck did I survive on that?!! I was basically only eating 500 calories during the day, and then I'd have the majority (1000-1500) at night. I was such a p.m. grazer - my ass would be in the kitchen all evening, just snack a lackin'.

Here lately, I've been consuming bigger breakfasts than I EVER thought I would. Usually I eat about 900-1000 calories during the day - this would have made me highly uncomfortable back in the day.

But the good thing? I'm not as hungry at night! I come home and eat a reasonable dinner and a small snack after. I'm actually consuming less calories than I did back in the day when I ate practically nothing all the live long day. I know I am less active now (thanks, bum knee), but it's interesting to me how keeping myself full (but not stuffed) during the day really sets me up to not graze in the evening.

I will be honest, though, I struggle at times with feeling guilty for eating so much during the day. I feel like since I am not as active now, I don't "deserve" to eat so much. Without running, shouldn't I be less hungry? Well, I'm not, but I struggle with listening properly to my hunger because it doesn't feel well deserved. I guess it is okay, since I'm not gaining weight, but I still feel like I shouldn't be this hungry? I don't know.

What about you? Do you front load your calories? Or are you a p.m. grazer like my former self?

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister, Kristy!!

Today I am thankful for:

- Pancakes on Sundays
- My caring, loving sisters
- Laughs from little ones