Monday, May 18, 2009

These Shoes Weren't Made For Biking...

Yesterday marked the first official training day for my triathlon on August 8th! I am a triathlon virgin, and it's something I've always wanted to do. I pretty much suck at swimming and I'm not the best biker, so it's definitely going to be a challenge.

I've based my training program off of this program that I found. Yesterday called for a 45 minute bike ride, so I blew off the dust of ole' Red and headed on out.

Little Red next to Big Red

It had been a loooong time since I went for a nice, long ride (that's what she said), and here are the things that quickly came to mind as I headed out yesterday morning.

1. Biking is COLD!!! It was about 55 degrees when I started out, which would be perfect for running. I'm just a wuss in the cold, what can I say?

2. Biking hurts your bum! I do have padded biking shorts, but c'mon...I need a little more cushion for my pushin', I guess.

3. Biking is....a little boring! I only say this because I'm used to running with music. And I love my music. Spending 45 straight minutes with just my thoughts is a little scary. lol

4. Biking is hard! I think runners in general (or maybe it is just me) tend to be biased that running is the best or the only way to get your heart rate up and get a good sweat on. Sometimes I will see bikers on the road and think, Pssshhh! How easy! Um....NO. This is not 1988 and this ain't no pink Huffy I'm on.

I've been having knee pain this week, which has made me feel a little bummed and, to be honest, a little depressed. I did my normal hours of research to try and diagnose myself (doctors LOVE it when you do this!) and I think it has something to do with my IT Band. It is sore, too, and I'm off to purchase a foam roller today. I've wanted one for awhile and know they can work wonders.

I am taking the next week off of running, and I'm hoping it will help. It's just so frustrating because running makes me so happy. I just have to keep telling myself that it's not worth it to push myself too hard right now. My knee pain isn't constant, but it's definitely achy - even when sitting all day. I want to make sure I nip this right now before it gets worse.

I'm also going to take a yoga class once a week - I wish I could afford to go more! I think yoga is so key in preventing, it really calms my mind. And who doesn't need that?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Erica said...

I think its awesome that you're doing a tri! Sorry about your knee :( I hope it feels better after the week off of running!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on signing up for the tri! I would recommend getting some clipless pedals for your bike, it makes a HUGE difference.

And you can totally listen music while you ride, I do it all the time! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the dreaded IT band. Mine acts up often. If that is what is wrong with your knee, at least you now know what the IT band feels like. Being able to adequately stretch is a whole other beast. I have to pay a lot of love and attention to mine, otherwise it bites me in the butt...almost literally.

Way to kickass on the bike! Oh and I definitely use my ipod on my bike.

Happiness Awaits

Anonymous said...

So cool you're doing a triathalon. I LOVE biking and it's such a fun way to run errands. Tonight I plan to bike to the library -- that is, if the wind dies down some ;-) Last time I wanted to yell, "Auntie Em, Aunt Em, it's a twister, it's a twister!

Missy said...

I know what you mean about bikini! I could have used some butt pads on Saturday!! Hope your knee feels better! Taking some time off should def. help!

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear about your knee.

A tri? Your crazy. I would drown first of all. Second of all, my ass would hurt so bad after a ride, there would be no cushion for pushin. ;) 3rd of all 2 of those activities + running?! YEA RIGHT!

I give you mad props girl. Your gonna rock it! :) :) :) :)

HangryPants said...

That's super awesome! Is there a reason for no music on the rides? Safety I guess.

Zandria said...

I'd have to learn to swim before I ever thought about doing a triathlon...

I'm such a slacker.