Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So I am obsessed with peanut butter. I also love chicken, therefore it was only a matter of time before I married the two and set them off to enjoy their little newlywedded bliss in my tummy.

One day while hard at work ( read: combing through recipes on, I found this recipe for Thai Peanut Chicken.

Oh. My. Goodnessgracious.

I did omit the cayenne pepper because, well, I didn't have any and don't really know if I want any. This is such a dumb question that I'm ALMOST embarrassed to ask, but does adding cayenne pepper to things make it really, really spicy?

This was amazing!!! It didn't even need the rice, it was so tasty. HIGHLY recommend if you love PB!

I was tagged by (hilarious) Nicole to list 5 guilty pleasures...only 5? lol. I have many, but here are the top fave (that are appropriate enough to type out while I am at work):

1. Diet Coke (as the blog world shudders, you should know that I am MUCH better than I used to be - only 1 a day! and sometimes 0)

2. Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, House, Desperate Housewives, The Office

3. ICE CREAM! I don't keep it in my house because I have ZERO self control around this stuff. But my favorite without a doubt is Cake Batter with Cookie Dough from Coldstone Creamery. :-)

4. Blog reading, internet surfing, looking up useless knowledge on Wikipedia, and surfing

5. Extra Sugar Free Gum (Polar Ice) - again, trying to cut back on this stuff, too. But what can I say? I had a lot of teachers in junior high with HORRID breath and who wants to be *that lady*?

Happy Seis De Mayo! :D

8 comments: said...

You should really try adding some cayenne pepper to the dish. A lot of it will make it spicy, but a little bit will round out the flavor and make it taste even better.

sweetandfit said...

i totally have the same guilty pleasures! If i buy a case of coke zero, it'll be gone in a week!

eatingfree said...

I'll definitely have to check out that recipe, thanks! And diet pepsi is my guilty pleasure (although I'm much better about it now, too!) and sugar free polar ice is the only gum I buy! I have 2 packs in my desk at work right now and try to limit myself to 2 pieces a day. I don't want to be one of those teachers with bad breath ;)

Nicole said...

Um cake batter ice cream while watching greys anatomy *the episode where derek and mereidth get married* would be the best day of my life. jus sayin.

Cayenne pepper is awesome! you should try it. I dont know if you've ever been to mongolian bbq but i throw that in my bowl there and its so yummy my mouth is watering as type. damn you i want some mongo! ;)

Oh and do you love mcdonalds fountain pop? i should have put that as an addiction b/c every time i see that golden arch i pull a u'ie into the parking lot and zoom through the drive through just to get a coke. that comerical is so true.. *AHHHHH*! :) :) :)

Erica said...

Hey! Cayenne pepper just adds a bit of spice but its a nice complement to the sweet. Try using just a bit at first!

Jicama is awesome! Its slightly sweet and adds a little something something to salads! You should try it.

happinessawaits said...

Oh yum. I am on a MAJOR PB kick this week (okay, lets be honest, any time I have a new fresh jar of PB, I'm on a pb-kick.) and well, this little recipe may need to be put into rotation next week!

Happiness Awaits

carla said...

how hard did I laugh at your GUM COMMENT?!

Thats totally me and gum.

and why.

Missy said...

The chicken dish looks so good! Don't worry, I had no clue what cayenne pepper did either! Totally agree on the gum!! Too hard to quittttt!!!