Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thang

I have a confession.

I am an AVID fan of Britney Spears. (New CD? Loves it!)

Have you stopped laughing yet?



Still no?

Ever since her music came out, I made up my own dances to her songs (more to the amusement of my friends, who usually only saw them when there was alcohol involved) and listened to them while I ran. "Slave For You," "Toxic," "Gimme More," "Womanizer…" they all make me wanna get up off my butt and shake my thang. And if I'm running and one of her songs comes on…well, I definitely pick up the pace. Which leads to my question….

What music makes you work out harder, run faster, or dance….crazier (for me, that's good)?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Artificial Sweeteners

In an effort to cut down on my diet coke intake (I used to drink two 32. oz fountain drinks and one 12 oz. can), I've started drinking more unsweet iced tea. I have Splenda packets that I bought awhile back, so I've been using those. I know Splenda was marketed to be "safe" since it came from sugar, but I know now that it is not as "safe" as we all thought (um....chlorine?! I like to swim in it but don't want it in my belly!). I found this website that lists all of the artificial sweeteners and their pros/cons. So what is your sweetener of choice? Aspartame? Sucralose? Stevia? Acesulfame K? Or a little real sugar?

As per the usual, I am a little wishy washy on this subject....but I have a sweet tooth and I need SOME form of sweetness in my food and drinks. :-)