Thursday, January 29, 2009


A lot of people in the bloggy world and in my life recently have taken risks in order to do something that they love. This is SO outside of my comfort zone! I always choose the comfortable route...I don't like owing money, so the idea of going back to school scares me. Especially after just having bought a house recently. Basically, it all boils down to me not being happy at my job and wanting to (eventually) do something I love everyday. And what do I love? Exercise and fitness!

Everytime I consider a career change, it's always the same things that I consider: nursing, personal trainer, working in a doctor's office, etc. Well, personal training is something that I could do quickly and for little money. I'm sold! I know it's not that simple....I would have to pay for and take the exam, and I would have to start off part-time until I am confident enough (money wise) to go full-time. Or maybe it's something that I won't even end up liking and that way I can at least have tried it without spending thousands of dollars.

I'm so indecisive! I just don't know. What about you? Have you taken a risk to pursue a career in something you love? Or have you taken any kind of risk that turned out to be life-changing?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weighty Issues

So I've really been trying to focus on forms of exercise OTHER than just running - I love running, but I think doing multiple exercises will help to keep me strong and prevent injury (if not, it sounds good...right?).

Anyway, I'm pretty foreign to strength training. I'm pretty comfortable with the weight machines at the gym, but I've heard before that free weights are "better." My question this true? I'm not looking to get "ripped," just toned and strong.

So all of you weight lifters/strength trainers out there - what is your opinion?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still Here!


So I wish I had a really good "knock your socks off" reason for not posting in awhile, but I can only claim long hours at work, the holidays, and just stress (I know....laaaaaame!). I am SO embarrassed to admit that I do not have the internet at my house yet, but I'm hoping to get it in the next few months and be able to post more regularly.

So a few things have happened, most of which are very positive: :-)

1. I am running!!!!!!!!! Not back to my normal, crazy self, but hey....I'll take what I can get here. I'm currently doing about 10-12 miles/week, and I REALLY want to try to stick to the 10% increase/week rule (for the first time in my life, hahaha) so as to avoid yet another injury. But I cannot tell you how happy I am when I'm sweating it out on my runs! My tentative goal is still to attempt the half marathon on May 2nd.

2. I am going to do a TRIATHLON in August!!! I'm a tri-virgin. :-) A few of my friends are interested, too, which is great and very motivating. It's a Sprint Triathlon: 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run. I think it'll be a great way to test the waters (hahaha) to see if I can/want to do a half-ironman next summer.

3. I've lost the weight (10ish pounds) that I gained during my time off from exercise! Honestly, I think it's a combination of getting back to working out, being very happy and content, and being binge free over the holidays. I didn't think I could make it through December without at least one or two good holiday binges. However, I really tried to take that pressure off myself. I can't explain it, but for the first time in years, I didn't gorge myself at holiday parties/gatherings. I ate a little of what I wanted, then stopped. Amazing concept, I know. :-) Easier said than done, but I hope I can take that with me in the future.

4. I've had some personal things that I've been somewhat stressing about lately, and I am already conscious of me needing to keep my calories at a normal level and not restrict. I have a tendency to do that when I am stressed, and while it's been great to lose the weight recently, I DO NOT want to get back on the path where I am compromising my health.

Hopefully now that things are slowing down, I'll be able to post on more blogs and post on mine as well. I missed the blog world! :-)