Thursday, January 29, 2009


A lot of people in the bloggy world and in my life recently have taken risks in order to do something that they love. This is SO outside of my comfort zone! I always choose the comfortable route...I don't like owing money, so the idea of going back to school scares me. Especially after just having bought a house recently. Basically, it all boils down to me not being happy at my job and wanting to (eventually) do something I love everyday. And what do I love? Exercise and fitness!

Everytime I consider a career change, it's always the same things that I consider: nursing, personal trainer, working in a doctor's office, etc. Well, personal training is something that I could do quickly and for little money. I'm sold! I know it's not that simple....I would have to pay for and take the exam, and I would have to start off part-time until I am confident enough (money wise) to go full-time. Or maybe it's something that I won't even end up liking and that way I can at least have tried it without spending thousands of dollars.

I'm so indecisive! I just don't know. What about you? Have you taken a risk to pursue a career in something you love? Or have you taken any kind of risk that turned out to be life-changing?


Missy said...

I am going through the same thing! I am really unhappy with my job and always have considered being a nutritionist or personal trainer. I have not taken the step yet, I guess because of the money issue but I think it is worth a shot! Life is too short!

dailygoods said...

i am feeling the same way! so weird, i have been thinking about being a nutritionist or personal trainer too! doing something that i enjoy and feel passionate about. The money is a big thing with me too, esp for the nutritionist, but personal training, and group fitness training isn't to much to invest for a career change! i'm just too scared right now!

Erica said...

Josh and I took a big risk just picking up and moving to SC and I am loving it. You have to follow your heart, just make sure its what you really want! Gotta be happy, you only get 1 go!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

you now my story ;)

But something else is- I want to start breaking out into writing. Im not good at putting myself out there, but i learned that you never get anywhere in the world if you dont ask. so i pulled all my resources, all my contacts and all my writing and got emailing. Now i have an article coming out in a magazine and a job writing feature articles for a start up website. its so exciting to see the benefits of your hard work- and by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Kelly Turner

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

You could totally do it! So many doors open up once we step outside of our comfort zones.

Moving into my own place, moving overseas, being an au pair for a few months... those were all out of my comfort zone. And I am SO happy that I did them. The experiences and meeting those challenges were worth it.

- Sagan

kristen said...

I have considered this too. I go through a love/hate relationship with exercise, and I'm just afraid that if it becomes my job and an obligation, I'd enjoy it less. On the other hand, it's a great accountability tool to stay in shape and really help others.

I myself haven't really taken any risks, and I sometimes regret it. I'm happy where I am right now, but sometimes I wonder what else I could be doing if I just applied myself more in the past.

Keep us updated! I'd be interested in hearing about your journey to becoming a personal trainer.

Holly said...

Missy, Dailygoods, and Kristen - kinda crazy we've all toyed with this idea! Then again, if we're blogging out it then I guess we do have an interest. :-) I will definitely keep you posted. My next step is to talk to a few PT friends of mine who work at different places here in town, to kind of get their take on what they do and how they like it....

Erica - I totally agree! I commend you 2 for doing that - I am a WUSS and would be terrified, but a part of me would love to just up and move halfway across the country (of course somewhere warm). :-)

Kelly - that's awesome! And SO true that you don't get anywhere unless you ask. Like you, I'm not good at putting myself out there. But it does get easier the more you do it, it's just definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Sagan - you are so brave! A true testament that taking risks pay off, though. And I guess I don't want to look back and not think that I haven't taken any risks at all.

Kristen - I worry about that, too. Another thing I worry about is would this be a bad thing to pursue considering I've been an "overexerciser" in the past? I am on the right track now, however, and would like to think that it wouldn't.