Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thang

I have a confession.

I am an AVID fan of Britney Spears. (New CD? Loves it!)

Have you stopped laughing yet?



Still no?

Ever since her music came out, I made up my own dances to her songs (more to the amusement of my friends, who usually only saw them when there was alcohol involved) and listened to them while I ran. "Slave For You," "Toxic," "Gimme More," "Womanizer…" they all make me wanna get up off my butt and shake my thang. And if I'm running and one of her songs comes on…well, I definitely pick up the pace. Which leads to my question….

What music makes you work out harder, run faster, or dance….crazier (for me, that's good)?


Erica said...

I haven't heard the album yet but it is all the rage! I love cheesy music! Black eyed peas usually due me well!

GroundedFitness said...

i dont love her as a musician, because i wouldnt say she is one, but her music is fun and gets me moving- so its ok in my book!

Kelly Turner

Holly said...

Erica - it is very good! And I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas. Love Fergie's album, too. "Clumsy" is a good one to work out to!

Kelly - No, I SO agree with you. She wrote a couple of the songs on her album and, um, she should stick to performing. I think of her as a performer because, well, her "voice" we hear is mostly made from computers. :-) Plus it totally bugs how she NEVER sings live, but girl can dance...

Sagan said...

I'm with Kelly. That kind of music totally gets me moving. No Doubt also works well. And the Arctic Monkeys never fails when I need to go faster:)

carla said...


yep. and britbrit.

and old christina aguilera.

Holly said...

Sagan - I've never heard of the Arctic Monkeys! I'm totally looking them up. Thanks!

Miz - I love Run DMC, and basically any back in the day music. And Christina has some GREAT ones to work out to. Girl can sing!

Missy said...

I like her music, I have to admit. Any type of techno and dance gets me going! By the way, I just started a blog and really relate to your story. I have a binge problem that I am trying to overcome so I hope I can add you to my blog roll! Let me know!

Fitnessista said...

i like britney spears too :D
it's funny, but i need angry music for weight lifting and pop-y music for cardio.. fallous boy will usually do it
hope you're having a wonderful weekened!

Holly said...

Missy - I am the same way! If I can dance to it, I love to workout to it. Yes, you can for sure add me to your blogroll! I love finding all kinds of people on here, especially those who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. I'm checking your blog out, too!

Fitnessista - That is funny! But I get that...I feel kind of like a badass if I'm lifting, so angry music would definitely go along with that. :-)

Erica said...

hahaha- my dr is def not mcdreamy! But he is really nice at least? ;)

Are you doing something dramatic with your hair or just a trim?

HangryPants said...

Womanizer is an excellent running song!

I am liking Pink and Beyonce for running lately. As a classic fall back I use Metallica to get me angry and fast!

Holly said...

Hangry Pants - I love Beyonce...especially her old stuff! "Crazy in Love," "Me and My Boyfriend," and all of those songs with Jay-Z.

I'm going to get some Metallica songs to get good and angry, though. I always run faster when I'm angry! (Thankfully not often, hahaha).

Bridget said...

I LOVE Britney too!!! Such great dance music!! Other dance music favs....JANET JACKSON (new and old), and The pussycat dolls :) So cheesy but so great!

Holly said...

Bridget - I'm so glad to find a fellow Britney fan! :-) And I forgot about Janet J.....that's a good one. I love all of her old stuff!

Tina said...

I've heard her new CD is really good! Perhaps I should buy it off iTunes! :)

carla said...


I admit it.

I love any hardcore rap and Pink.

Im odd that way.