Saturday, May 23, 2009

ELC Challenge: Day 3

Food Blogging is kind of a lot of work - phew! (And I don't even take good pictures...I am just lazy).

I forgot to take a picture of my b-fast yesterday morning, but refer to days 1 and 2 and copy that picture of oats + PB + banana. :-)

For lunch, I had leftover tofu. I am seriously starting to CRAVE this stuff! + a Laughing Cow Wedge. Yeah, might be a weird combo, but I won't apologize...mmmm kay?
For my p.m. snack I had more honey greek yogurt. Sorry for the messiness - it got jumbled around in my car this morning.

I drive too fast, and I can't be trusted.

For dinner I had another crack wrap (serrrrriously addicting) + an orange.
For dessert I had more greek yogurt (I'm almost done with the container!) + strawberries. I also added some Kashi/Nasty cereal....I'm not a fan of it, but I just needed some *crunch*. I know it's not dairy or a fruit/veggie, but it helped my crunchy craving.

Usually when I get cravings, it's not for certain types of foods exactly (except chocolate!) - it's for textures/temperatures. Like, I'll crave something crunchy (so I'll have cereal or nuts), something warm (oats or a "baked apple"), something cold (two words - ICE CREAM!) or something soft (yogurt or a smoothie). Do you have cravings like this? I have to crunch on something every night...I guess it doesn't feel like "real" food otherwise (to me).
I also had an unphotographed bowl of cottage cheese + cinnamon after this. SO GOOD! Again, lazy blogger.
TGIS! Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday....I'm off to mulch and mow. I know, you're impressed. But I'm calling it my workout for the day. ;-)


Sarah said...

Is it bad that I take a little joy in the fact that you are addicted to the crack wrap? ;)

Nicole said...

I cant take pics of my food- i would be too embarrased of the CRAP that i consume!

Anonymous said...

i definitely am guilty of snacking on random thins that i "crave". EMOTIONAL EATING is the only explanation that screams at me. I'm reading a fabulous book called "shirnking yourself" by dr. gould and I posted a review on it! Check it out!! :D

I go through greek yogurt SO FAST it's rediculous!! I have to tone down the buying or I spend too much!!

Anonymous said...

Love your challenge! And the crack wrap thing is funny because that's exactly the type of wrap I make all the time and I'm addicted to it too. Also Laughing Cow = love.

- Sagan

healthy ashley said...

Yes, I do have craving like that! My main craving is always for something cool and sweet. I go for non-fat frozen yogurt or a smoothie although I'm trying to shift to yogurt!

Fizalan said...

My cravings are almost always like yours...I want something hot, something creamy, something cold, etc. Typically it isn't a specific food...I am like you, it is a texture. Or something sweet.

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