Friday, May 22, 2009

ELC Challenge: Day 2

*Warning: I told you I'm a creature of habit. ;-)

For brekkie yesterday morning I had my trusty oats + nanner + PB/Cinnamon.

They were out of the "Creamy Smart Balance" PB at my grocery store, so I snagged the chunky stuff.

MMMMmmm! One you go chunky, you never go back. (Or something like that). Love!

For lunch I had a Morningstar Chik Patty on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin. Now, I have been doing SO well at eating homecooked meals lately (and leftovers). But Morningstar burgers are my go-to meal when I am short on time. A-freakin'-mazing! Even my roommate loves them - and that says a lot. I also brought a Blueberry Chobani and an orange for a snack.

Dinner has been a little hard this week since I've not been home, but I made an attempt at a crack wrap - an Italian Herb Flat Out Wrap + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus + cheese. OH MY GOODNESS. I need to go by myself some wraps so I can do this at home! I also had some cottage cheese....and some grapes + almonds. (And a handful of almonds that didn't want to be photographed). ;-)

Coming home from swimming I am usually SO HUNGRY. This is weird for me because running usually (temporarily) curbs my hunger. I found this new stuff at the grocery store because I've been craving Greek Yogurt like MAD. It's honey flavored, and OH my goodness! It is so good! I'm glad I found this stuff. I paired it with a nice apple and had a few more almonds for some crunchiness.

*Knee Update: I was all geared up for my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon, and they told me I went to the wrong office! Grrrr! So disappointing. But I'm still continuing to stretch, ice (3 x's a day now), take ibuprofen and foam roll the heck out of that thing. I rescheduled my appointment so we'll keep our fingers crossed I go to the right office this time. Am I the only one who does stuff like that all the time??!! Anywho, my plan is to not run until I'm 100% pain free...I think that will only do me more harm than good. The good news is that my arms are crazy sore from lifting this week, so maybe there is hope for me yet to get some trace of muscle on these weak arms. ;-)
It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fitzalan said...

I rarely admit to this store but I was flying with a guy friend of mine out to Austin to visit my best girl friend. This was a few years ago while I was still in graduate school in Blacksburg. We were flying out of a DC airport and it said DCA. I assumed this meant Dulles. Well Dulles is IAD and National is DCA. Who knows but anyway...I took us to the wrong airport. We missed our flight and had to be rebooked onto a new flight THE NEXT DAY. I felt bad for being such a ditz and cutting our vacation 1 day short!

Happiness Awaits

Fitzalan said...

err, that was suppose to be story not store. :)

Anonymous said...

The previous comment reminded me of something that I did in February. I was visiting my grandmother in Ft. Lauderdale and when I got to the airport to return home, I realized that I'd booked my return ticket for the wrong month! I had to pay $200 to change it!

PS - I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day. I mean not the same thing as you, but the same egg sandwich. I just like it. Sometimes I get wild though and switch the bread!

Amy said...

Woah, we had a similiar lunch...I had almonds, blueberries (not grapes) and Smart Balance PB! Crazy!

I just read your post about wanting a, YES PLEASE!! I want one sooo badly, it's ridiculous. Why do they have to be so expensive :(

I hope your knee starts cooperating. I agree, it is very annoying because there's not much to do about it except ice and be careful. Keep me posted on how the doc visit goes.

Anonymous said...

aww mann i hope your knee gets better soon!!!

I'm a creature of habit too! :D exercising and building muscle definitely makes your body require more energy, so I think it's totally normal to be more hungry than usual. As long as it isn't emotional eating!!

I heart blueberry chobani too!!! Though recently oikos is going on mad sale at Whole Foods so I'm drifting to 'em! hehehehe

So...what does cottage cheese taste like? :P

Erica said...

Great day of eats. I still haven't tried the ever popular crack wrap- gotta get on that :) My husband went to the wrong doctors office yesterday! I do that stuff all the time too ;)

Nicole said...

you are such a good eater! i could never be that good!!! :) :)