Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to 2009, Holly!

So some VERY exciting news to report - but make sure you are sitting down so you don't pass out as a result of shock, horror, or pity.

I moved into my house in October, and I have been living without the internet. I have it at work (well, except personal e-mail and Facebook), and of course I'm always annoying my friends/family when I go to their houses.

Of course with all of the expenses that come along with being a homeowner (new furnace, whaaaat?), I wanted to wait and buy a laptop in the Spring. I gladly present to you....

my new laptop!

I am SO excited. Hopefully this means I'll be posting more recipes, workouts, all that jazz. I think I might switch to Wordpress, too. Any suggestions from any techies out there/people who have Wordpress? Seriously, I so technologically challenged.

So welcome to 2009, Holly. I now look forward to devoting most of my time to blog reading, Facebook, and reading trashy celebrity sites.


Anonymous said...

Hurray! That's super exciting.

I just made the switch from blogger to wordpress in January, so if you want any help just send me an email and I can try to walk you through some of it if you like. It's pretty easy once you get started!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog before, liked it and then forgot what it was called! I found it again, yay!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

So exciting! Glad we'll be seeing more of you around the blogworld. :)

I've been very happy with Wordpress. If you make the switch and ever need any help, please don't ever hesitate to email me.

Hope you've had a good weekend.

Nicole said...

I love computers. Ive had my trusty sony viao since hs graduation in 2005. Its still truckin along, but it would be nice to have a speedy less outdated computer.

i've been tossing the idea around of switching to wordpress. i actually even made an account there. i've posted a couple times but i cant decide if i should switch or what.


Anonymous said...

I personally do not know if I would recommend It is definitely simple but pretty quickly I have hit my limitations with it. I keep thinking about moving but I have already moved the blog once, so I need to wait awhile.

Congrats on the buy...exciting, exciting!

Happiness Awaits

Anonymous said...

I use Wordpress and love it. Not sure how it goes when you change over from Blogger ... but congrats on the new laptop! :)

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

You have the same computer as me!!! Don't you love it? I just got mine a couple of months ago and I don't know what I DID without it.

Anonymous said...

Haha that's really exciting! I love wordpress; I don't know much about blogger, but I would definitely recommend wordpress!

Good luck on your triathalon training, I am very impressed that you are going to give it a go! Can't wait to read more about it :)