Monday, August 3, 2009

I (K)need a Solution

It has been over two months since I first started to experience pain in my left knee. I'm frustrated, to say the very least, that it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Some days are fine, but the achiness always seems to come back. Here are the things I've done and been doing since in May, and the breakdown of how much it has all cost me out of pocket:

- Went to orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with patella femoral malalignment ($154)
- Went to PT 2 x's and have been doing exercises on my own at home ($342)
- Using knee tape everyday ($17)
- Bought an orthotic for my left foot ($240)
- Bought the Stick and the Foam Roller, use one or both once a day ($70)

Grand Total: $823

I have also been icing 2-3 times a day, and taking 8 ibuprofen a day (not all at once!).

Do you see why I'm so frustrated? This is like my hip problem all over again. I know injuries are inevitable with runners at some point, but if they could just tell me what I need to do to fix it, I'd be totally fine with that!! Not to mention, I haven't even been running and it's giving me problems.

Sorry to bitch. It's just that running is a HUGE - HUGE - part of my life. I've run for 13 years, and I'm just not the same without it. I am also worried that I'll go down the path of either restriction or binging again, although my weight has stayed the same since I haven't been able to run.

Here are my options as I see them now to figure this thing out:

- Wait it out and see if it gets better (bleh)
- Go to a sports medicine doctor for 2nd opinion
- Go back to Physical Therapy for more stretches/exercises
- Stop all cardio (walking, elliptical, "rulking") all together to see if it gets better
- See if diet of only cookie dough and diet coke helps the healing process

Of course options 2 and 3 would cost more $$$, and I'm trying desperately to save money for school next year. BUT at this point I would sell my kidney, folks.

What do you think I should do? I'm just at a total loss. Sorry again to be a whiner, but this is something I really don't talk to my family/friends about because they've heard it before and I don't want to be a broken record. But ya'll don't mind my broken record-ness...right? ;-)

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Today I am thankful for:

- Fresh water
- Ice packs
- Football season being right around the corner!!


Holly said...

Ok, this is another suggestion that will cost $$ but seriously, it changed my life.

ART - active release technique. Look it up and see if anyone near you does it. It's usually performed by chiropractors, but they have special training for this.

Two weeks before my first half marathon, I was limping all day. I'd run a long run and had pain, took a week off, ran a 12 mile trail race with a LOT of pain, and went to him and said "I HAVE A HALF MARATHON IN TWO WEEKS AND I CAN BARELY WALK OMG OMG."

And in 4 sessions, I ran the half WITH NO KNEE PAIN. None. In fact, I have not had to go back to him for my knee at all. I went back to him for shoulder problems at a different time, which he also fixed.

Here is info on ART in general:

Basically, they use their thumbs (sometimes elbows) to dig deep INTO the tissue/muscle and it is often painful but it breaks it up. Then they use magical tape which makes it so the painful areas don't have to work and can actually rest/repair.

If you look at many running blogs, they will talk about the wonderfulness that is ART. Frayed Laces had it done at Boston:

Anyways, there ya go. I've gone to a bunch of physical therapy, but only ART solved it in just 2 weeks!

chris mcpeake said...

as someone with a cronic knee problem I can totally relate. Only advice I can give is stick with it and keep doing what your doing. Yeah i know not much help

kristen said...

I'd go for a second opinion, or look into the ART therapy Holly suggested. Unfortunately what you're already doing isn't working so I'd see what someone else has to say. I wish I had better advice, but I haven't had to deal with any injuries yet (knock on wood!).

Keep us posted though, I'd like to hear how everything turns out.

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

I'm SO sorry to hear about this. That's so frustrating!

My mum (a vet) does acupuncture, chiropractic, and physio for animals and it works SO well for issues like that. Maybe you should check if there are any reputable acupuncturists/chiropractors/physio therapists in your area who could help you?

- Sagan

Emily said...

I don't know the answer, but I wish I did so I could help you! Do you do any yoga? If it turns out that you need to take a break from cardio, you may want to look into practicing regularly (if that interests you...) b/c I know that Heather at HEAB does that and raves about it and much MORE toned and fit she feels now.

Yoga may also help relax you and help you feel at peace with things so that you do not feel the need to restrict or binge and stay balanced.

Regardless of what you choose to do, I hope that things get better for your knee ASAP!

Remember that you are strong and no stinkin' knee problem is going to change that! And bring that broken recordness on girl, this is your blog and you are certainly more than allowed to vent frustrations. If you're like me, it's a great form of therapy and like you said, when friends and family don't want to hear it, this is a great outlet!!

Erica said...

I'd def go with this option "See if diet of only cookie dough and diet coke helps the healing process" haha. I'd go get a second opinon in combination with trying to lay off the cardio a bit. Sucks...but hopefully will be worth it in the end??

Cilantro on paper hmm? Sounds like a delicious lunch for tomorrow hahaha jk ;)

kilax said...

I can only imagine how frustrated you feel, having this problem for 2 months! I have been off running for a week and feel SO CRANKY!!! And bingey!

Anyway, even though it will cost more, I would get another opinion from sports medicine doctor, and try swimming for cross-training. You have probably already decided what to do though... I am catching up on old posts (per usual...).