Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Legume

After reading about lentils on Iowa Girl Eats blog, I knew I had to try them! They're supposed to have a lot of staying power, they are cheap, and they are super good for you! Sold.

So I found this recipe for Lentil Tomato Soup.

I omitted the wine because I already have one mostly full bottle of wine in my fridge - this non-wine drinker doesn't need two! I also just used 2 tablespoons of butter instead of 4.

Hmmm - I didn't like it! Not sure if it omitting the red wine, or the cloves/nutmeg combo (I only like those spices usually with pumpkin pie). :-)

Thankfully this gal came to my rescue.

I love her. Mrs D. makes it all better. Well....mostly better. She's no miracle worker.

But ONE thing is for sure - lentils stick with you! Like, they keep you full for several hours after. I can't wait to try lentils again. Do you ever eat lentils? If so, what's your favorite lentil recipe?

I also picked this baby up at Whole Foods this weekend:

Hmmm. I guess if you go into it not expecting flavor (and definitely not expecting "Squirt" soda!), you'll be happy! It was pretty bland, but the more I drank it, the more I didn't mind. It DID make me feel good that it had no artificial sweeteners or calories. I'd be anxious to try the other flavors, too.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!! Hooray - we're halfway through the week!

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Today I am thankful for:

- 24 (Just started watching Season 1....I am HOOKED!)
- Albert Pujols (Homerun AND Grand Slam last night....amaze!!)
- Eggs (so CHEAP and yummy)


Emily said...

Andrew LOVES lentils. He makes them into lentil soups all the time in the winter. They are ok and they're pretty filling, but they aren't good for date nights, if ya know what I mean!!! I mean you'd think my tummy would be used to a lot of fiber so it could handle them, but not the case with me. lol

Thanks for reviewing La Croix. I've seen Kath drink it and have wondered what it's like, but had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't be like regular soda...

Hope you're having a great day!!

Ruth Rogers said...

Oh Mrs. Dash... what would we do without her ?!?!

Missy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I've never made lentil myself but I've had them in soups in restaurants. I like them when they are made for me but who knows how they would come out if I attempted them myself!

Anonymous said...

Aw too bad that your food adventures weren't as rewarding as they could have been... I like cooking lentils and having them combined with chickpeas, edemame, quinoa, and a whole bunch of cooked veggies. SO MUCH STAYING POWER and also tasty. Gotta add spices though too :)

Eggs totally make my day.

- Sagan

cNicRun said...

you eat so healthy! i'm proud of you- i cant do it! i know i need to, but its just not in the cards for me lol!

i'm thankful for
*working at a pt clinic when i get sore
*cooking dinner w/the bf

Erica said...

Bummer the lentils were just OK, glad Mrs. Dash saved the day ;)I am not a wine drinker either!!! I feel like the only gal who doesn't drink wine a lot of the time! Glad you don't too :)

lesley said...

I love Mrs. Dash!! : )

Yeah, I like lentils but a little goes quite a long way for me!

Anonymous said...

Lentils are my favorite food! Some times I use them in tacos since I don't eat meat. I put taco seasoning on them when I cook and put them in a taco shell! I also like honey baked lentils, which are just like honey baked beans... Also, if you like ethnic food, you can make daal using red lentils. Yum!!