Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WholePaycheck Foods

Thank you so much for your great suggestions as to what to do with my knee. I feel like such a whiner sometimes, but it's like having your most favorite thing taken away from you (for me, running) - after you'd just gotten it back! (because I couldn't run for a year).

Heeding Holly's advice, I made an appointment next Tuesday for Active Release Technique (ART). I've heard nothing but GREAT things from people who've had this done. It's pricey ($80 for the first, $40 for the second...I didn't ask after that! lol), but you know, it's still much cheaper than what I would pay out of pocket to go to the doctor! I figure this is worth a shot. Have you tried ART or know anyone that has?

The other night after my sister's birthday dinner, I realized I was just a few miles from Whole Foods - and I've never been (shock!). I thought we didn't have any here in Indy, but apparently we have 2! Unfortunately, the closest is still 8 miles away, so I can't get over there too often.

Oh my goodness! I can see why everyone is in love with this place.

I can also see why all of the celebrities shop here.

They can actually afford shiz!

Now I know grapes are on the dirty dozen list for produce, so when I saw organic grapes, I snagged them right up. When I was checking out, I said to the cashier, "Um, I'm sorry - I think that is wrong? It says $10.50 for the grapes?" He looked at me and smiled. "No, that is right. They are $2/lb. Would you like to keep them?"

Um, NO! WTF?!

I was so embarrassed, since the store is in a nice area of town and didn't want to look like the cheap skate I am. So he offered to take out half, which was fine. Still $5!!! For grapes?! I eat a bag a week...if I bought organic grapes year-round that is over $500 (if I got the full-size bag).

Sigh. Hopefully one day I'll live in a world where organic produce doesn't cost so much that I have to contemplate selling organs to afford them.

Do you buy organic products? And do you shop at WholePaycheck Foods? Or do you try to save by shopping at "The Wal-Marts"?

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Today I am thankful for:

- Helpful advice

- Quick Mondays

- Comfy shorts


inmytummy said...

I buy some organic prouducts - milk, eggs, spinach. Some of the other stuff I try to, but sometimes, either because of money or that I can't find it, I buy conventional.

I shop a little bit at Whole Paycheck but mostly Trader Joe's and Kroger or Publix.

Erica said...

hahahaha WFs is rather pricey. I only get a few special things there. TJs is much much cheaper and I do most of my shopping (organic and otherwise) at Publix

lissa10279 said...

I soooooooooo miss having a WF close by. I, too, called it WholePaycheck. There used to be one right near my gym when I lived in Silver Spring, MD and after spinning class, I'd treat myself to some organic apples but holycow, they are $$$. Some things are just not worth the price there, but my Greek yogurts are way cheaper there, so when we're in Ann Arbor, I stock up. At the local organic store here, they're way more $$!

Missy said...

Yeahh I wish WF was not so expensive or I'd be there every day! I know I should be buying organic produce but my wallet cannot afford that! I just better do some good washing on my grapes haha.

healthy ashley said...

Good luck with ART!

Those grapes were expensive, geesh! I LOVE Whole Foods, but some of the products are just so expensive and out of my budget!

foodnfit said...

Omg I just went on my very 1st Whole Foods trip just about a month ago! LOVE IT! I can't believe i hadn't been before--it's just not a very close location.

luckytastebuds said...

YEAHH WF gets expensive. Damn if i was a celebrity i'd shop there all the time too! I only get things on sale there...they can have some pretty awesome deals actually! :) Like i got two melons for $3 this weekend! Gotta keep your eyes peeled!

Baylee♥ said...

Hahaha! I wouldve done the same thing girlie! even $5 for grapes!?! when i eat the heck out of them!?! in my opinion (and i know not everyone will agree)..produce is produce. either way, its healthier and better for you than candy or bread or whatever. and personally, i'd rather pay like $2 for tons of grapes than $2 per lb lol.

cNicRun said...

whoa! that is expensive. Ive never been in one, but i didn't think it was that expensive either. yikes!

I'm thankful for
*my grandparents
*air conditioning on HOT days

Emily said...

I live pretty close to a Whole Paycheck, but only go as a special treat. There's no way I could do my every day shopping there!! And that is absolutely insane that grapes could cost that much!!!!! I just don't have that kind of money. That being said, I don't buy any organic produce. I mean, it's never on sale and I'm still not convinced that organic is better! My grandparents have eaten healthy, but never organic and they are in excellent health!! Of course I would buy it if it was cheaper because I'm no fan of chemicals and pesticides either, but the risk just doesn't appear big enough for me to change. Maybe one day it will?

Fitnut said...

That's hilarious! I did that once with cheese - I brought it up to the till and had no idea how much it was and I think it was about $17 or something. I was in shock but I bought it anyway cause people were waiting.

I'm trying to do the organic thing but the prices are really getting to me. Eggs and peanut butter :) I'm trying!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

oh goodness girlie you crack me up!! It is such an expensive store thats why I usually only get special products there. TJ is sooo much cheaper!

kilax said...

I still have not been to a Whole Foods! And I think we have TONS in the Chicagoland area. With the situation I am in right now, we could NOT afford that! We are shopping at ALDI!

I didn't realize you were in Indy. I see a Chicago/Indy race in the future once that knee gets better...

I hope the appointment went well today!