Thursday, August 13, 2009

Special Delivery

So I might have been a big premature in my excitement about my knee not hurting. It's bothering me again today - urghh!

But you know what? I think Sagan hit the nail on the head when she said I need to continue with treatment long enough to see if it really works. Like most people, I want results ASAP, but I guess it's just not that easy! So I'm going back to ART next Tuesday and will probably go twice after that....if it's not better in a few weeks - Plan B! (I'll go get a 2nd recommendation from another doctor).

Since I'm thinking about going back to school full-time for nursing, I'm taking some pre-reqs this fall and next Spring. One of the classes is Anatomy and Physiology. I actually took Anatomy when I went to Indiana University, and it was my FAVORITE class - hands down! We got to work with cadavers, which sounds horrible (they were already dissected by the med school students), but it was actually very interesting to see what the insides of our bodies look like.

ANYway, so I'm taking these classes online - kinda crazy that they offer Anatomy online?! I ordered my books, and got my books and this box in the mail yesterday.

So as I'm perusing through the box, I see some goggles, a container with liquid....and a bag of something....SQUISHY. What is this?? I'm feeling around the bag, and THEN I see the label:


WTF??!!! Can a girl get a warning up in here??!

Surprisingly I didn't scream, just dropped it into the box in my state of bewilderment. I mean....REALLY?

I'm assuming I'm supposed to disect this thing. Oh - and the container of liquid? A sheep's eye. Needless to say, I might go veg.

My friend said her sister took the same online class and ended up watching some great dissection videos on YouTube. Um....sign me up! I think that's what I'll do, but I mean - do I throw this away? I am so perplexed.

On a brighter note, I'm so glad it's Thursday!!! I'm going to St. Louis with my dad on Saturday/Sunday to see my cousin, and of course go to a couple Cardinals games. And then Monday I'm taking the day off! I have to go to an information session for the school I'm taking the online classes through, but it will be SO NICE to not have to work.

What are you up to this weekend? Any ideas what I should do with little piggy?

I am thankful for:

- Fresh apples with cinnamon

- Chick flix

- Busy days that go by fast!


Erica said...

Hope the treatment for your knee hurts! I am the same way- I always want results....right away!

Glad you are going after your dreams- I think that is fabulous! That pig would have totally freaked me out too.

Have fun in St. Louis this weekend!

kristen said...

HAHAHA!! So I read your tweet about the dead pig before I read this post and I was like WTF?! Why on earth would she receive a dead pig in the mail?? Does she have some crazy sick stalker?? Now it makes sense! Nevertheless, that's pretty damn gross and creepy. I don't know what I'd do with that. And the eyeball?? Really?! You definitely should have gotten some kind of warning!

Nicole said...

I hope your knee starts to feel better girl!!!

I'm so glad your going back to school in the fall- your going to be so happy with your decision! :)

Have fun in St.Louis this wknd!

Im thankful for
*my family & friends
*jimmy buffett
*coke from mcdonalds

Missy said...

Congrats on deciding to go back to school! I made a similar decision but will be announcing it soon! So creepy about the pig!! I remember in high school we had to disect a pig in Biology. I almost cried. So scary.

Amy said...

Holy cow. That is disgusting. I know my sister had the option of doing it online since she is against dissecting animals (she's also a vegetarian). I would probably throw up!! Wow! I mean, if you can do it, why not, but I would want to do it online and not in my HOUSE!! Gross!!!

Anonymous said...

Dissect it of course! How often do you get a dead pig sent to you to dissect? It'll be fun!


Glad that you're going to get your knee looked after regularly :D

- Sagan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe they just send that stuff in the mail! I was a bio major in college and had to do a cat and my lab was right before lunch. Needless to say, I did not eat much on those days! :)

Missy said...

Couldn't find your email on here so e-mail me at mengel3 (at) and I will send you more surveys! Opinion Outpost is 1 of them..on the right :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making the decision to go back to school!! Anatomy is DEFINITELY super interesting!! I guess the sheeps eye disections is in every anatomy classes syllabus! hahah

I'm proud of you for not screaming though! You'll have much fun this weekend with your pig and sheep. I"ll be packing away getting ready to move to my own apartment!! yayy!!

Emily said...

Hahaha, I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh at the fetal pig in the box! I just showed Andrew this post and he was laughing too! We both agree, pretty gross to just ship you a pig and a sheep's eye!!! Seriously?! Haha!

But, I think that's so cool that you are interested in nursing! You are so caring that I know you'd be great!! I would NOT. One of my kids had a nose bleed today in class and I thought I might pass out. Yuck!

kilax said...

Oh yuck! I always feel so bad for the animals that become lab animals! Eww.

Your knee will get better with time! Feeling better yesterday was a good sign!

Have a great time in SL!

Anonymous said...

I saw that you posted that on facebook! Eww. I don't know what I would have done.

Fitnut said...

I think it's so great you're going back to school to become a nurse!! You sound very excited about it.

Ew. That pig kinda grosses me out though :)

Just Me said...

wow.. that got my attention, yeah that would be enough to make me go vegitarian too...