Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It was so nice to get away for a little bit, and the sight of this made everything that much better.

We went to the game on Saturday and on Sunday...they won both games so I think we're good luck. :-) Here's my cousin and I before Saturday's game.

Us and Fredbird

My dad and I...check out that sexy taped knee!
My cousin and I ensued in some crazy shenanigans that evening....

Sunday's game with the fam

My cousin scored AMAZING seats for Sunday's game. 10 rows behind home plate!! I was in HEAVEN.

My boy Albert....sigh.

Me, my dad, and my cousin

My dad showin' off his socks...he's such a goof.

It was SUCH a great weekend...and I took today off from work to catch up on some things at home. Um....Mondays are SO MUCH BETTER when you don't have to work!
So I had to delete my last post because it's kind of a long story, but I think there's a chance the boy saw my blog or knows about it. But long story short, everything went pretty well. I was kind of proud of myself for standing my ground, and it made me realize sometimes we have to do what's hard if we know in the end it's what is BEST for us....ya know?
Hope you all had great weekends...I'm off to tackle the to-do list!

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kristen said...

I was wondering where that post went! I'm glad to hear everything went well though.

It looks like you had a fun weekend! Baseball games are always more fun when you're there in person.

IUgirl78 said...

Holly--love the blog! Now I know why you don't update our Triple Threat blog more often. Ha ha!

Fitnut said...

Aw, it looks like you had a great time! I wish we had a major league team here. And love your dad's socks! So cute :)

Nicole said...

I'm glad things went well! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! You needed it- Mondays off are the BEST!

Erica said...

What a fun weekend! Great family pics- you look adorable! Glad you had fun. Mondays are much better when you don't have to work ;)

Emily said...

What a fun weekend!! Looks like you and your family have such good times together! :)

So jealous of your Monday off! ;) Glad you were able to have a day to yourself!! :)

Fitnut said...

But I agree with you! I do think the guy should do most of the work; I just get impatient and try to create some excitement in my boring life :)

And Kiptyn as the next Bachelor??? Really? I'm not sure what I think about that. I thought Reid or Michael would have been funny. Even Jake. I hope it's a good one though - I don't know how they're going to top this last season of bachelorette.