Saturday, August 22, 2009

ART and Drama

Thanks SO much for your advice on St. Louis boy....I think I'll give him one more chance and if the convo is similar to the first, I'll tell him to save the gas $$$ (hey, it's hard times now, people!). It's good to know I'm not the only picky person out there when it comes to relationships. In the infamous words of Loreal (right?), I'm worth it.

So this morning I had my 4th ART session (Active Release Technique). One thing I love about this chiropractor is that he was very honest and upfront when I first went in. He told me, "You should know in 3-4 sessions whether or not this is for you." Phew! An honest chiropractor?! Thought that was harder to find than a Patrick Demsey look alike in Indiana.

As of right now my knee feels great, but he told me that if it doesn't feel better than he's not the guy for me. He recommended someone who specializes in Muscle Activation Techniques. Anyone ever heard of this? Basically they look for muscle imbalance and weakness, and DIG into the muscles to activate them. Or something like that. I might give it a shot, since it's only $75/session (this is cheap compared to what I'd pay to see another doctor....sad, huh?!).

In other news, I've had some may-juh roommate drama this week. L-O-N-G story, but basically my roommate, D, told me he's moving out next month. So my neighbor found a gal who needs a place by September 1st. Well, D basically stirred the pot and had a very mean conversation with our neighbor, and now she doesn't want to tell this girl she should live here (because D said he'd ignore her and not speak to her). dad caught wind of this and called D, basically calling him out on what he was doing. My dad was a little harsh, but never threatening. Well, D called his cousin (a cop) and told him my dad was threatening him! WTF?! My dad wouldn't - COULDN'T - hurt a fly even if he wanted to. He's the trashrunner, for cryin' out loud! LOL. He's just really protective of me since I have a hard time standing up for myself.

So basically D angrily announced he'll move out by 9/1 and HOPEFULLY this girl is cool and can move in! (I'm meeting her today). It just stinks because D is not even speaking to me right now - he's really made this whole situation into a huge fiasco, when it didn't need to be at all.

I hate it when people are drama queens and just like to stir the pot. Even if a situation isn't ideal, what's the point of creating drama and making it worse....ya know?

On a lighter note, here's the cutest Catholic school girl ya ever saw.

My niece started KINDERGARTEN this week! Agggh!! So cute I can hardly stand it.

Well, I'm off to meet a guy I've been talking to on Match - in PUBLIC. LOL. Wish me luck! He sounds super nice, so we'll see....

Have a great Saturday!


Erica said...

oh my gosh! Your roommate needs to get a grip! That is craziness. Good luck with the Match meet up :) Can't wait to hear abou tit

Emily said...

Oh man, roommate seriously needs to chill. Sorry to hear about all the drama. I went through it once in college (the girl would whip out knives when drunk!!), so I know how awkward it can be! Hopefully things will get better soon and you'll have a much cooler roomie.

Your niece is. so. adorable!!!! That age is so much fun!! :)

Can't wait to hear how your date was!!!!!! :)

Fitnut said...

I can't believe your roommate! That's why I'm trying to avoid getting a roommate at all costs so I can avoid drama like that. And your dad sounds like the sweetest dad for stepping in like that. I love that! Sounds like you guys have a great relationship.

Your niece is sooo adorable!! I'm still waiting on becoming and aunt.

And yay!! I'm so happy you're meeting someone from off of! I really hope he turns out to be a good guy! I've been sent about 16 matches so far and no one yet that I'm really interested in. But it's only been a couple days :)

Nicole said...

woa! sounds like your roommate needs to grow up! I hope your meet up goes well- keep us posted!!!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, roommate drama. Why does D care if someone else is moving in? I mean, if he is moving out, you need someone to like there, right?

Good luck on your date!

kilax said...

Wow. D is really immature! I am happy you found someone to take his spot.

And I am happy your knee is feeling better! It is giving me hope for my shin! Is that silly?

Special K said...

When we live in community, there is always room for drama...but hopefully there is a lesson in there, right?
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Special K said...

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