Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Talk Trash

We call him the Trashrunner.

I know so many children say this, but I truly have the best dad in the whole, big, wide world. He is one of those guys who puts money in people's expired parking meters, always thanks fans of visiting teams at Colts games (they always think he's being sarcastic - he's so not!), will pay for people anonymously if waiting in line somewhere, and he does so without ever wanting to be thanked or called out. In fact, he doesn't like the recognition at all...he says it "ain't no thang" (my paraphrasing).

In addition to the numerous things he does, he's also been a runner for almost 40 years. He's completed 14 half marathons and one full marathon (at age 50 - he totally rocks!). What's interesting is that he's not like most runners, who are constantly striving to improve their time or lengthen their distance. What makes a "good run" as defined by my dad is how many bags of trash he can collect.

He was recently recognized in this article in a local newsletter/publication. He says this week he's been stopped by so many people, thanking him and acknowledging him for the work he does for our community. His response to everyone? "Slow news week!"

My dad doesn't run for his weight, looks, or to keep that farmer's tan going. He runs because he can do something positive for his health AND clean up the community to boot. He is truly inspiring me ALL THE TIME, and you will never, ever catch this girl throwing trash out of her car window.

Who are the people you look to as examples in your life? Do you know any trashrunners? If you have lots of trash in your area, don't tell my dad...he'll be on the next flight there.


Anonymous said...

Why does your dad have to go and make the rest of us look bad huh? :)

For reals, that is pretty fricken awesome.

Fitzalan said...

I loved your post about your dad. Such a sweet and thoughtful man! Your post did shake me up a bit because the dreaded Father's Day is only 2 weeks away. And I know so many blogs will have wonderful post like yours about their fathers.

My dad was a lot like yours. Very very generous and he did it for his own appreciation, not for any recognition or the like. When I read post like this that are so thoughtful, greatful and sweet, it always makes me think of my dad. He died of cancer 3 years ago in March and it still feels like the wind is knocked out of my lungs when I really let myself think about the fact that my dad is gone forever.

So give your dad a hug for me. And thank him for being such a wonderful person.

Happiness Awaits

Amy said...

That is such a sweet post about your dad! He seems like a very cool, down-to-earth, respectable man and father. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome, Holly -- your dad is a real inspiration! Seriously, awesome!

Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR HIM! That's something to be really proud of.

- Sagan

Erica said...

WOW - that is so awesome. Your dad is amazing

Missy said...

Your dad is amazing!! So nice and awesome that he ran a marathon at that age! Love it!!

kilax said...

Your dad is so cool! What a noble man :)

I was reading someone's blog and they talked about a runner who was running on a prosthetic leg (not an elite runner, just another person out there for their health) and that really inspired me to take care of myself and be grateful for what I have :)

Nicole said...

What a cute story! Your dad sounds like an amazing person! If i ever saw him running along picking up trash i would totally pull over, give him a high five and some water! What a sweetie!

My dad would do anything in the world for me! he dosent pick up trash while running but he does pull over and move dead animals that are along roadside into the grass. Its kind of the same thing right? HAHAHAHAHA

Great post! :)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Your dad sounds like an amazing man. I have never heard of anything like that....very inspiring!!

healthy ashley said...

Your dad sounds like an amazing man. The goodness runs in the family!

Tom Britt said...

he really is an example to all, I'm glad we finally profiled him, he deserves to be featured!