Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Love Betty

Tuesday night my guy friend and I were hanging out, and we (okay, I) had a MAD craving for something sweet.

I try not to keep trigger foods in the house (ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc.) – this is KEY in preventing binges for me. I hope to get to the point one day where I can have those things around…I’m just not there yet.

The one thing I DID have was brownie mix, which I keep on hand in case I ever have to bake something up quickly for a pitch-in or something. So, we decided to whip us up some brownies (FYI: They are the Betty Crocker “Dark Chocolate” kind – SO GOOD!).

I read on Melissa’s blog what one of the infamous New Jersey Housewives was quoted as saying: “I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and I’d be wishing I ate that freaking piece of cheesecake before I saw that bus coming.” I really tell myself pretty much the same thing – although for me, it’d be cookie dough and ice cream over cheesecake. Life is too dang short not to have those brownies every now and then.

After fighting over the middle pieces (both our favorite) I had 2 brownies and my mouth REALLY wanted more. To be quite honest, I really wanted to eat the whole frickin’ pan. :-) But I stopped myself. I was full; not STUFFED, just full and satisfied.

Next time I might eat that whole pan, but for right now I’m pretty proud that I stopped after 2.

What about you? Are you easily able to stop after just one or two of a certain “treat?” Or do you just normally choose to avoid them all together?

I am thankful for:

- Wicked! (I saw it last night for the first time - very good and FUNNY!)
- Good hair days
- A possible change in career? (more to come on that soon!)


Fitzalan said...

I can eat cereal all day. Sugar, kids cereal. With 2% milk. I have no limits. Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I just don't ever eat bowls of that kind of cereal. If I ever for some reason am around it, I added it on top of my yogurt or oats or something. Make it a bit more dense and filling.

Happiness Awaits

Missy said...

I try to keep trigger foods out of the house because I tend to eat an entire tub of ice cream! I do have cereal in the house which used to be one of the worst ones for me but I think I can finally control myself with it. Good job at listening to your hunger!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

Nope! As a recovered EDer I know its more dangerous (for me) to take a few bites and then force myself to stop, than to not eat it at all. If its something I know im going to have trouble controlling, i just dont eat it in the first place.

Which is a lot easier said than done.

For the longest time i just wanted to be normal and have one brownie and be happy with it and not have to force myself to stop, but then i remember im not normal- I have a disorder. My mind works differently. I know how to not listen to it now, but i find its easier to not put myself in the situation where I have to rely on my willpower to stop me.

Thats not to say I dont eat treats- i eat them everyday, but I have to be careful how i do it- make sure there isnt any extra laying around, put it away afterwards or purchase whatever i want so there is no extra in the house. Thats only with certain foods, like ice cream or cookies. For some reason those are the only things i have a hard time putting down. Everything else, like cake and stuff, im fine having one peice and stopping. Its all about identifying your triggers and then not setting yourself up to fail

iowagirleats said...

Ooo I'm like you - I can't keep junk in the house because I will literally eat it ALL in one sitting!! I have a massive sweet tooth, so for me it's easier to never start than have a couple pieces and force myself to still happens a lot though, I love sugar!

inmytummy said...

I have certain foods that I can't have in the house. Like Fitzalan, cereal is my number one trigger food. I also have issues with ice cream.

I loved Wicked, especially the song Defying Gravity.

Nicole said...

Chocolate peanutbutter ice cream is my FAVORITE. Brownies=love. I agree, life is too short not to enjoy treats!

However, when i eat brownies, its rare that they get to the oven, cuz eating the batter is WAY yummy! and oh so bad for you! hahaha

Today i'm thankful for:
-sunny days

kilax said...

I loved that quote! Right now, I am at the point where I have to avoid treats, or only make them small quanties so I can't eat too much. Only eating two would be a big deal for me too!

Have you seen this - RIDICULOUS! It takes away all the good brownies!

kilax said...

Oops, here's the link: link.

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Career change intrigue!

Good for you with stopping at two. Banana bread is my downfall. I can honestly eat a loaf of that in a day.

And cheesecake and cookie dough are two of the best foods ever.

- Sagan

kristen said...

I've been much better with limiting myself with junk food. I have a BIG sweet tooth, luckily my bf does not. We rarely have sweets in the kitchen, but when we do they've been lasting longer. I also find the "out of sight, out of mind" thing works well. For example, there are peanut butter Oreos in our freezer (I don'tknow why the bf likes em frozen!). Since they're not in plain sign, I forget they're there.

The same goes for brownies or other sweets...I'll hide them in the microwave or on top of the fridge.

lissa10279 said...

Way to go, Holly, that's awesome :) My triggers are cold cereals and FF ReddiWip straight from the can (a bad habit I learned from my dad as a kid -- he's squirt it into our mouths -- the three of us kids would line up for a squirt!!)

I try to only buy Kashi cereals since I can't binge on them (massive tummy aches ensue ...) but otherwise, I try not to keep too many triggers at home.

That said, sometimes even grapes can be a trigger for me. It's all about moderation.

I'd rather have a bite of something than deprive myself wholly ... but sometimes even that backfires. It's one of those things that just depends on the day and my state of mind!

Fitnut said...

That's awesome!! It's great you didn't eat the whole pan because I'm the type to struggle with that too. It took me along time to just enjoy a "sampling" instead of the whole thing and then you just feel awful.

chasingpavement89 said...

that's awesome, holly! i've just recently started allowing myself small treats, and while i'm still struggling, i do think it helps to indulge once in a while. deprivation really does only lead to bingeing (at least for me), so i figure allowing myself something "off limits" now and then is the best way to go