Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Patella WHAT?!

Patella Femoral Mal alignment. Basically? My knee cap done got crooked.

The X-ray below isn't mine, but it's pretty much exactly what the X-ray of my left knee looked like.

I guess it's not supposed to look like that. :-)

I went to my orthopedic surgeon last Thursday, and one of the first questions he asked was, "Have you been doing any squats or lunges lately?"


Jillian Michaels, anyone? That evil bitch! lol

Truth be told, I have never really done squats or lunges before the 30-Day Shred. I'm not saying my running technique or muscle imbalance hasn't played a role in my knee trouble, but I do think the squats and lunges gotta go! At least for now.

He also gave me a prescription for physical therapy, which I had been hoping for. I went yesterday and my PT is SO, so nice! I explained to her my $$/insurance situation (LSS: my insurance sucks and I'd have to pay out of pocket for PT appts., so I can only go to her 2 or 3 times) and she was very understanding. She said I could even just phone in my symptoms and explain to me things over the phone!

My doctor says it's okay to run (if I "take it easy"), so I've been "ralking" (run/walking). But I'm not sure how comfortable I feel running if my knee feels achy. It's not a pain, just a general achiness. Do any of you run with achy knees?

I'm continuing to swim, do yoga, bike, and strength train. I'm really trying so hard to avoid weight gain during my last (year long!) running hiatus. I haven't weighed myself in almost 3 weeks, right before my last run. The curiosity got the best of me things this morning and I stepped on the scale (grrrr). I gained nothing at all! I am the exact SAME weight as I was before my last run.

So I'm trying to take this with me that I don't need running to maintain my weight and "control" my eating. Sure, it is HARDER for me (especially mentally), but this reaffirms the fact that it is just about moving and sweating. And eating less crap...which I'm trying to do during the week at least.

It's just so interesting how our bodies surprise we tend to think (or maybe it's just me) things that simply aren't true. Like, "Oh, that cookie will spoil my whole day," OR, "If I can't run, why bother working out?" I am working to change all those silly ways of thinking. Progress, at least!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!

I had some of the same fears you did about no running, but I know my body is lovin' that I laid off. Just today at the gym I thought to myself, "Gosh, all that time off didn't matter one bit! I am BACK!"

A week, a month, heck even a year isn't going to hurt as much as a worse injury. I'll be sending some healing vibes your way!

Nicole said...

Geeze girl! Thats no good! I'm so sorry to hear that!

If you ever have any questions about PT after your 2 or 3 visits are done, let me know. I work at a PT clinic and i can hook you up with exercises and things you can do to help.

BE careful with the running. I'm sending you healthy knee love! :)

Fitzalan said...

Do I currently run with achy knees?!?! Obviously the answer is HELL yes. And well, unfortunately I am an expert on knees and injuries. It sucks. If it hurts, don't run on it. If it is sore, don't run on it. If it aches, don't run on it. That is my advice and it took quite awhile to learn that.

But I have a tough time with the eating part. I finally had to tell myself I needed to seperate the two. Eating is related to running. Eating is related to hunger and being active. So maybe you aren't running, but you are swimming, yoga, and lifting, plus just being active around the house/in life. You get to eat.

We both know I have tough days heeding this advice but I am definitely a lot better than I was. Running is for health and enjoyment and right now, your body isn't enjoying it. Eating is for health and enjoyment. You still definitely get to do that and enjoy it....and your body will still love you (and it won't effect your weight as the scale told you because you are still active.)

You already see the difference as your post stated....that in itself shows how far you have come. I think it is more the fear of where we used to be with the whole ed/overexercising situation that scares us when something like this happens. We worry (or at least I do) that I could fall back into some bad, old habits.

Happiness Awaits

Kim said...

Ralking! Ha ha ha ha!

I would be worried about gaining weight from not running too. Once you get used to it, that is your preferred method of exercise and you start to wonder if anything else would work! That's great that this has helped you realize how awesome your body is.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I am finally back to running after a 3 month break, my injury is mostly healed, but I have that dull achy pain that you were talking about too, so I can totally relate. I hope you heal up and are back to running soon. :)