Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twilight SPOILER and Yucca!


I have been saving the last book of the Twlight Series, "Breaking Down" for FOREVER. Why? Because I don't want the series to be over! Everyone says they're depressed when it's over, so I just won't let it be over.

Anywho, no one has told me any spoilers and I've not even asked. I don't want to know! (Even though I DO). So when I saw that Stephanie Meyers (the author) was being sued for this book, I clicked on this article. TOTALLY says what happens in the book! Bella and Edward ----- and she ------. OMG.

I was so sad to have it spoiled. Guess I should read the book now.

Have you read the Twilight Series or are you staying strong and resisting? Have you ever had something spoiled?

I refused to read the books at first, but finally gave in out of curiosity's sake. I think it's more that I've fallen in love with the characters (not to sound cheesy, but that totally does), moreso than the story line. The story line is great, but you really are just rooting for the main characters the whole time.

Anyway, onto food.

After I saw yucca fries on Emily's blog, I knew I had to give them a shot.

I'm not a huge salty foods person, to be honest. I mean, given the choice - I choose SWEETS! But if I had to choose one salty food, it'd be fries. NO doubt.

I actually had to ask Emily where exactly to get yucca in the grocery store. :-) When I first saw it, I was a little scaredsurprised.

This thang was kind of hard to chop! I felt so Swiss Family Robinson. But I cut it into fry-like shapes, sprinkled it with pepper and THIS salt:

(Is that not the best salt ever? And I don't even like salt!)

And baked it for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

These were SO good!!! They were pretty hard/crunchy - much more than I expected. But you know...I LIKED that! The only time I'll eat mushy fries is if I'm dipping McD's fries into their ice cream. ;-) (Anyone else tried this? Bomb.)

I'm definitely making these again!

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Today I am thankful for:
- Traffic reports
- Multi-tasking
- Cold, refreshing drinks


Anonymous said...

So glad you liked yucca - my hubby is from El Sal and he LOVES yucca. They eat it all the time there!! Of course, it's often fried there, and I think sometimes served sweet as a dessert -- can't remember!

kristen said...

I haven't read the last Twilight book either, but because I heard it wasn't as good as the others. Now I want to read it though- I heard they get their freak on too! Can you believe that??

I also have been reading about these yucca fries and am dying to try them! I went to a farmer's market yesterday and there was no yucca to be found. The search continues. In the meantime I'll have to enjoy sweet potato fries , which are fine by me.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Twilight series. They're just plain addictive! But aw that sucks when a book gets spoiled.

- Sagan

Anonymous said...

I only read the first Twilight. I might be banned from your blog forever with my next statement, but I didn't like it!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

love me some yucca fries :) they are simply amazing!

Emily said...

Glad you like the yucca fries!!! You're right, they are crunchier! I wasn't sure if I did something wrong, so I'm glad to know they were for you too. But like you, I kind of liked the crunchiness!

Haha, wanna know a secret? That mickey d's fries and ice cream combo sounds really, really good! Don't tell anyone though b/c it'll ruin my blog name! lol ;-)

Maybe yucca fries in some fro-yo would work? Maybe? lol

cNicRun said...

BE careful when you go to the movies-- if you do. my girlfriend read the first book and hadn't read the second yet and when she saw something in the preview for the new movie it ruined it. just if you go to the movies watch out! :)

i'm thankful for
*lunch dates
*loyal friends
*car wash

Fitnut said...

Well, I totally agree with you about the characters of Twilight. They did such a great job picking out the actors - I don't know how they do that.

Haven't read the books yet... still debating whether I want to :)

Amanda said...

I'm doing the same thing! I've read the first 3 books back to back but I've been holding off on the last one...I don't want it to be over!

Missy said...

Okay I love that you just said you dip fries in ice cream! ME TOO! Seriously the best combo ever. I need to try yucca now!!

Fitnut said...

So, I just noticed that I'm totally dyslexic - a couple times when I've mentioned you in my blog I've put Cookie Dough Discipline!!! What the heck is wrong with me! Sorry about that! Is is right in my blogroll though :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Suzie Q said...

yum! I have never considered eating that but looks good!

I haven't read Twilight but I'm totally into the show True Blood which is similar I think. If you haven't heard of it, I would look it up. It's on HBO and is a vampire soapopera drama. I hate spoilers! that's brutal.

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Mmm I really need to try these yucca fries. I've been seeing them every where!

Erica said...

oh gosh! I only have about 50 pages of the last book left so I am glad I did not read this article yet. Yummy looking yucca fries! I love experimenting with new veggies. Enjoy your night and thank you for the questions ;)