Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy (?) Monday!

Whew, what a great weekend! We FINALLY had a perfect fall day yesterday - sunny and about 65. I went to the Colts game with my pops and they had the roof open - wahoo!!

My dad at the "press box" after the game. Needless to say, I drove home.
Of course, the game was complete when we SMASHED the Seahawks!

Backing up to Friday, I had my adorable niece and nephew over for a sleepover. Because no sleepover is complete without baking, I decided to give these brownies a whirl, recommended by Kristin.

I loved this recipe because I had everything on hand to make it! And I never knew you could substitute cocoa powder (+ oil) for dark chocolate squares?!! (*Don't mind the holes. I was showing my niece the toothpick test and, um, we kinda poked away).

These rocked my face off. And Reese's, too.

She was happy. I swear. I know she looks scared.

Little Ryan had his gluten free cupcakes to keep him happy (poor guy is allergic to gluten, dairy, oranges, potatoes, and tree nuts. My heart just aches that he will never know the wonder of almond butter). :-( But he's a happy little guy and was more than excited to get his cuppy cakes.

Do you have anyone close to you with food allergies? Gluten is becoming a common one, so thankfully there are lots of gluten-free products out there now. I actually love this recipe for Monkey Munch, which Ryan can have! Too bad he didn't like it. LOL.

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lesley living life said...

Yay for perfect Fall weather!! : )

Christie @ Honoring Health said...

Glad you had a great time!

I can't have gluten and have to limit dairy and my husband is allergic to MSG and caramel coloring.

Brandi said...

i love that picture of your dad at the press box - so funny!

Missy said...

Delicious looking baked goods! My sister and mom are both lactose intolerant! Luckily I'm not!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately one of us here at home has food alergies. That we know of at least!

Fitzalan said...

Ugh food allergies! I was diagnosed with celiacs back in 2004. After following the STRICT diet for about a year, I didn't feel I was getting any better, so I got retested. This time it came back negative. Apparently I just have the fun joy known as Crohn's. I definitely can appreciate how HARD it is to follow this diet!

Happiness Awaits

Anonymous said...

I totally need to try these brownies, saw them the other day too! And who knew about the cocoa powder/oil sub option, not this girl haha?! Learn something new every day I guess! Have a great day girlie :)

Emily said...

Yummy looking brownies and adorable looking kiddos!! :)

We've had a lot of luck with gluten free products. Pamela's baking mix is a great one for making muffins!! Bob's Red Mill also is really good for brownies, pancakes, and pizza. Let me know if you ever need any gluten free advice! :)

kilax said...

I feel so bad for the people who suffer from food allergies! My coworker's grandson has a long list of them like your nephew, and another friend's newborn does. What is the deal with that?

Nicole said...

OMG your dad is adorable!! I love the pics! Looks like you guys had fun at the colts game!!!!!