Monday, October 19, 2009

Chilly Chili Monday

*Answer's to Friday's Three Things:

I do not have a birth mark. Good job, Emily and Erica! ;-)

The job thing is true. Long and complicated, which one day I'm sure I'll get into, but it's true. Just another reason to never, ever burn bridges, people!

And....the night light. Okay - let me explain. First of all, I get up to pee (sorry, TMI) at least once a night. I'm a water machine during the day - it catches up to me at about, oh, 2 a.m. Add this to being a clutz, and a night light is strictly a preventative measure.

But also I blame it all on the movie "The Descent." SCARIEST movie I've ever, ever seen! I have never had a movie give me nightmares like this one. And I like scary movies! So basically, if you're a scary movie lover - GO see this.

So last week I made some of this vegetarian slow cooker chili. I mean, with "Grandma's" in the title, it had to be good. Right?

Oh. My. Goodness. Best chili ever!

Per some of the recommendations in the reviews, I subbed chili powder and ground cumin (still giggle when I say that in my head) for the Italian spices. HOLY HELL this was good! Plus, it made enough to feed me all week.

I LOVE slow cooker recipes. Or crockpot recipes. Whatever! What's your fave slow cooker recipe??

Now about my midterm....I studied my heart out all last week and was hoping to get at least a B. After almost 20 hours of studying last week + TONS of caffeine + ephedrine (runny nose but it serves another purpose!), I finally just went to do the damn thang on Saturday morning. And....I got an 89%! One point from an A! I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I celebrated with some ice cream last night. :-) I can't/don't keep it in my house, but a trip out to get some was warranted!

Thanks to all of your wishes about my test - ya'll are the best! Hope you have a great Monday. :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the test - I knew you would do a great job! As for slow cookers, I think we all know I am slightly obsessed these days haha ;) Your chili looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your midterm! :)
And yay, I LOVE the descent! One of best "horror" movies I've seen. It didn't scare me per se, but I most definitely jumped in my seat at least once ahah

Anonymous said...

That chili looks fantastic. I know what I'm making for dinner tonight! :)

Missy said...

Congrats on the test! Ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate :)

Lisa said...

Congrats on the test. It's sort of like training for a race... you train train train and come race day you don't know how you will do but you end up doing great. Same thing for your test. Great job!

Fitzalan said...

Congrats on the test. That is awesome!

Suzie Q said...


kilax said...

Great job on the test! :) I don't have a slow cooker but I LOVE me some chili! Nom nom nom!

Emily said...

YES! So far I've gotten all of your 3 things right!!! :)

WOOOHOOO!! I love your idea of celebrating Holly! Congrats on doing so well and glad you treated yourself!! :)

That chili looks and sounds ammmmmmazing!! Chili is so good for the soul! :)

Meredith said...

That chili looks awesome! I love making BBQ pork in my crock pot. It is a recipe from Ashlee of a Year in the Kitchen and it is wonderful!

Erica said...

hoooray! I'm glad I got the question right ;) CONGRATS on the grade- that is AMAZING! That veggie chili looks jammin. I want to try it- book marking! Have a good night celebrating your jammin grade

Hi! I'm Erin said...

Mmmm, chili.

The slow cooker and I have a rocky relationship. Therefore, the only thing I make in it is Italian Beef and occasionally chili.

Nice job on the exam!