Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Things

So to say that I'm a creature of habit is a VAST understatement - hey, it runs in our family. :-) My mom fed us the same meal 4-5 nights a week for dinner when we were kids (spaghetti! or some type of pasta) and now as an adult, I find myself eating the. same. things. I don't mind it because I honestly don't tire of these foods, but I AM trying to be more adventurous in what I eat. I've decided to start trying one or two new things a week. A lot of these I've seen on other blogs, and I've been curious about them. This week I tried THREE (I know!) new things.

Hmmm...the jury is still out on Fage. (*On a side note, I kept pronouncing it "Fojjjjj" in my head because it sounded so foreign and cool. I felt about this big when I looked at the container and it clearly says "(Fa’-yeh!)"). :-) Anyhow, I mixed it with some cereal (see below!) and I guess it's just completely different than I thought. More of a sour cream taste than vanilla yogurt. I'm going to try it again, though, as things usually have a tendency to grow on me!

I HAD to try one of these puppies. I'll have to say that it definitely tasted differently than I thought, but I kinda liked it. I LOVE lemon flavored anything, too! I'd love to try some of the other flavors. I love the ingredients/nutritional info. in this guy!

I. love. you. This is so good! When I think of Kashi, I think of the kind my parents got when I was in high school...I'm not sure of the name, but it looked like rabbit pellets (sorry). When I saw this kind of cereal, I immediately thought - Captain Crunch! I love the captain, so I picked up a box and immediately tried it when I got home. So good! Not nearly as sweet as CC, but it almost has a cornish flavor to it, mixed with a little sweetness. I went back to buy 3 more boxes (they were on sale). :-)

Now I'm off to eat some Kashi!

Don't forget to check out the contest at Oh She Glows to win the "Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred" DVD! I've been wanting to try this video for a long time. :-)


kristen said...

Is Fage Greek yogurt? I tried that once and wasn't too fond of it. I find that I have an on again/off again relationship with yogurt. Sometimes I'll buy a dozen and mix it w/ cereal, use it for smoothies, etc. Other times I just can't make myself eat it and it sits in the fridge.

I haven't had that Kashi cereal yet, but I do try to keep a box of their Go Lean Crunch in the kitchen. It has a lot of protein and fiber! It's SO crunchy though, sometimes I'll do the half & half thing with another cereal. Have you tried the Puffins cereal yet? That also reminds me of CC but less PB but still has big crunchy goodness.

I haven't had a Larabar yet, but I have to pick one up, I keep reading about them on here! Have you tried the Luna Lemon Zest bar? That's one of my favorites! That and the chocolate raspberry :)

HangryPants said...

When I first started eating Greek yogurt I ate the vanilla oikos one. Then I moved to plain and would add honey or banana to keep it sweet, so maybe that would help. Also, I've found that of all the brands, fage is the most sour cream-like in consistency.

Erica said...

Hey girl! Good for you with the new foods! I am not a fage fan... I love Chobani too much :)

Holly said...

Kristen - yes, it is greek yogurt and I wasn't expecting it to taste QUITE like that. I guess I was expecting sweetness - definitely not! I haven't tried the puffins cereal...I've wanted to for awhile but I think it's pretty pricey. It sounds SO good...anything with PB is right up my alley. I will definitely have to try the Luna Lemon Zest bar!

Heather - thank you so much for the recommendation! I guess knowing what to expect, I might like it more the second time around.

Erica - I have Chobani in my fridge! I'm super stoked to try them.

Anonymous said...

I love greek yogurt! It is really good on top of, or stirred into warm oats! Another way I use the plain greek is as a sour cream subsitute, it has that tangy taste and same texture, but much healthier!

Holly said...

Foodsthatfit - I have seen the yogurt in oats idea on some other blogs...I think that's a great idea! I bet it'd make it very creamy....thanks for the suggestion!