Friday, February 27, 2009

Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

So the more I'm thinking about going "Crap Free" the more I'm stressing out! Well, not really stressing...just hoping I can come up with some good eats that will keep me full and satisfied. I'm going to the grocery store this weekend to stock up on some good eats. Here's what I have (on my list) so far:

- Ingredients to make Squash Lasagna
- Ingredients to make Quinoa Stew
- Nuts
- Cottage cheese/yogurt
- LOTSO fruit
- LOTSO veggies

Other than that I'm blanking. What is your favorite "crap free" food? Any ideas? I might be able to make it to Trader Joe's, but I'm also on a budget. Grrr. ;-)


Erica said...

Did you eliminate nut butters? If not, I would get that, chickpeas/ other beans ...

Anonymous said...

Check out some of the recipes on my site, they're all crap-free!

Stirfries are good and so is quinoa tossed with a bunch of veggies (corn, tomatoes, peppers, etc) and spices (cumin & curry powder). Bowls of oats, grilled sandwiches with hummus/cream cheese and veggies... the possibilities are ENDLESS. :D

- Sagan

kristen said...

Hmmm I'd buy some hummus for the veggies and freeze some of the fruit like grapes & blueberries. Or you can buy frozen fruit (we have a HUGE bag of frozen strawberries) use them as ice cubes for smoothies. You can use your yogurt for that too!

Peanut butter! I'd say almond butter too but I know how expensive that can be, which is why I haven't bought a whole jar yet. Do you like beans? You could make tasty fajitas or quesadillas. Cheese! Okay I'm getting hungry now....

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

good job on sticking with the crap-free! Thats gotta be hard!

Kelly Turner

healthy ashley said...

I love scrambled eggs with fun mix-ins like peas!

And brown rice with fried egg (we all know it's not really FRIED :) and spinach, peas and corn and a touch of soy sauce and seasonings is my most favorite meal ever!

And I'm making spring rolls tonight for dinner. This will be my first, but I'm going to post how it goes!

Don't stress out- you're eating the good stuff! :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Don't stress out my friend. You have plenty of options. Try walking up and down the aisles at Trader Joe's.

Nut butter and cooked grains are key for me. Any and all veggies. I love broccoli.

Homemade soups are great because you freeze leftovers and eat them forever. Beans are great for homemade veggie burgers, and I love sweet potato and butternut squash fries.

Holly said...

Erica - nope! That is a great idea. I'm getting about 3 or 4 different kinds of beans at the grocery store. :-)

Sagan - I definitely will! I'm SO excited to try quinoa. Mmmmm, and now I'm hungry after reading your ideas.

Kristen - I'm planning on hitting the PB jar BIG TIME this week. I am going to mix it in with my oats for breakfast...the pictures look SO GOOD on other blogs that I've seen! I'd love to try almond butter, but I have heard it's $$. Maybe one day I'll splurge...

Kelly - thank you!

Ashley - mmmm, I love eggs! I don't eat them enough. I don't know why (um, okay it's because I'm lazy sometimes). That is a great idea. I'm a little embarrassed that I can't remember the last time I made scrambled eggs. :-(

Heather - thanks for the encouragement. :-) I'm planning on hitting TJ's (or maybe the Fresh Market) tomorrow. I love veggies, too...I'm just embarrassed that I don't eat them enough! I think my groceries are going to be about 50% fruits and veggies (or I hope they are!).