Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Things: Tofu and a Quaker Show Down

I took the plunge and finally tried tofu. Did anyone ever read the Babysitter's Club books? Remember Dawn was such a health foodie and she ate tofu? I remember vividly thinking, Ugh - what a disgusting sounding name for a (probably) disgusting food. (I was, like 8 years old, and if it wasn't pasta or pizza I probably wasn't eating it). Anywho, Dawn would be so proud of me today.
Because I could eat quiche for each and every meal of my life, when I find this recipe for Eggless Tofu Spinach Quiche I decided to give it a whirl. I thought it would be a nice way to ease me into the world of tofu.

I just finished a long run when I made this and think I dove into it too quickly. ;-) It wasn't really set up and.....I wasn't so sure on the flavah. I gave it try no. 2 after it'd been in the fridge overnight, and I'm so glad I did! I really liked it. Now, I don't know if I would make this for other tofu virgins (or people who don't like tofu) because I can definitely taste it. I want to try baked tofu next, because I try to be equal opportunity like that.

I was also inspired by Heather to try the "other" oats by the cute, old Quaker guy.

Now, as a COH (creature of habit), I have become just a TAD obsessed with eating my oatmeal in the morning (+ cinnamon + nanner + PB thankyouverymuch). But the OB is gonna give the OM a run for its money! The best part is that I had it at 9:00 a.m. and it kept me full until almost 2! Yow.

Last but not least, I needed something chocolately at the store and snagged these babies:
Simply Well? Simply DIVINE. These were so yummy, and the ingredients/nutritional stats weren't that bad, either:

My ONLY qualm with these is that it left me wanting more. (Aren't you always supposed to leave them wanting more?) I did love them, but not sure if I'd get them again because it definitely set off all 15 of my sweet teeth.

What about you? What is your favorite chocolately snack? I gave up candy for Lent (which is a great thing and maybe it'll be permanent!) so, please, help a sistah out.


Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

Haha, I haven't thought about The Babysitter's Club in so long! Remember that game called Girl Talk? Same era.

I actually don't like chocolate, so the only form of it that I'm willing to ingest is hot chocolate. But if it's too chocolatey, I don't like it. Go figure.

Kristi Summer said...

never tried tofu, but plan on soon. thanks for the reminder.

kristen said...

I remember Dawn from The Babysitters Club!! What a flashback, haha. And Wiggs' Girl Talk comment reminded me of Mall Madness. I never had that game, but a lot of my friends did.

I like tofu, but moreso when it's made by someone else. I've tried it a few times and home and I don't know if I'm just not doing something right. I haven't tried baking it though. Next time I run out of oats I think I'll give the OB a try! I'm always up for trying new things. :)

And those chocolate puddings? Kozy Shack?? I haven't seen those! I guess my favorite chocolate snack would be the jello pudding cups, but I haven't had one of those in ages. I also like chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered raisins, M&Ms...the list goes on and on!

Erica said...

I haven't tried the tofu....I am still a little scared! Love the BSC reference! LOVE oat bran. So good in pancakes! I have a recipe on my blog you should try!

sweetandfit said...

you need to try gliding calm tofu! its amazing! its the only way I will eat tofu now. I love kozy shak, but I know that feeling of "wanting more"...hmm, so my favorite chocolatey snack is probably a giardelli (spelling?) individually wrapped chocolate square - when i need chocolate, I need to REAL thing, lol

luckytastebuds said...

Hi!! I just found your lovely blog and really love the things you write about. :) I just got into oat bran myself, and am a huge fan of oatmeal + banana + cinnamon in the morning! hehehe

I totally know what you mean about the Babysitters club too! My favorite was Mary Anne, but I never thought Dawn's tofu was strange since I grew up in Asia...we eat that stuff all the time. hahahah

Thanks for the chocolate dessert review! I definitely go with the diet hot chocolate packets from Nestle or unsweetened chocolate almond milk in cereal! YUM!!! OOOH and Girardelli's espresso dark chocolate squares.

Great blog!!! Keep it coming!!

carla said...

ok Ive been so curious about the kozyshack.
arent they shelf stable? I think Im remembering right---that freaks me out a little :)


healthy ashley said...

I can't believe you're just now having your first taste of tofu! I'm glad you tried it in such a yummy recipe!

(And I loved those books!)

eatingfree said...

:) I used to be the biggest BSC fan back in the day! I thought tofu was weird too :)

Favorite chocolatey treat...I'd have to agree with you on sugar free pudding. I have a fun treat also that I do a lot: take a sugar free fudge pop and melt it in the microwave for 30 sec. until you can push it off the stick. Mix it with 2 T lite cool whip and 2T peanut butter, mix REALLY well and freeze in bowl for 20 minutes. A great, healthy peanut butter ice cream! Does the trick every time :)

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

I'm not much into chocolate these days. Now COOKIES, on the other hand, I can't get enough of... ;)

The only thing tofu I've tried is tofu shiritake noodles. I love them soooo much.

- Sagan

Holly said...

Wiggs - YES! I do remember Girl Talk. I love all games of the 80's/90's. Things were so simple then. lol

Kristen - I STILL have Mall Madness!! haha, and yes, I still play sometimes (with my sistahs). I LOVE all things chocolate, too.

Erica - thanks for reminding me! I've printed off your recipe and I'm definitely giving this a try. I love pancakes but never have them for some reason...

Sweetandfit - I've heard of that! I'm going to print off the recipe and try it. Thank you for the reminder! And I agree, NOTHING beats the real deal when it comes to chocolate. Mmmmm.

luckytastebuds - thank you! I eat that EVERY morning for breakfast. I seriously tend to repeat things. It's super yummy, though, I'd be sad if I had to change it. :-)

MizFit - eeeek! I hope not. lol. I put my in the fridge and there were refridgerated when I bought them...if that is true, I think that'll be the last time I buy those. That freaks me out like velvetta does.

Eating free - my mouth is watering! What a GREAT idea. I'm so trying this, and I love mixing things with PB. Thank you!

Sagan - I HEAR ya on the cookies. Man, do I hear ya. I can't even keep them in my house! ;-)

Zandria said...

That's great that you tried something new! I've made baked tofu before (but not in a while), and I've had tofu in restaurant dishes -- but I've never used the silken type before in a dish. Interesting!

Also, I'm a total "oatmeal for breakfast" person. :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

So glad you loved the oat bran AND your return to yoga. I was wondering how your class went.

I don't like it when I eat something sweet and all I want is more...which happens every time I eat something sweet. The vicious sugar cycle!

My favorite form of chocolate is of the frozen variety, and usually involves cream, eggs, and sugar. :) However, I am loving these new coconut milk ice-creams, a much better alternative!

I totally wanted to be Dawn with her long blond hair and CA way of life. I loved the book when she discovered the secret passage between her house and the barn. I think I read the entire series twice. I was a bit of a book worm back in the day. :)

Have a good weekend Holly!