Friday, April 17, 2009

Just Chillin'

I am realizing that I eat a lot of soups and stews - is that horrible? I guess I like them because they are a. great for leftovers and b. super easy to make.

I found this recipe for Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili and, given I love both SPs and BBs, I wanted to try it out.
Like WHOA. This stuff was awesome! I am a huge fan of cilantro + lime + cumin (always feel dirty typing that), and they added a great flavah to the mix.

In running news, my half-marathon is two weeks from tomorrow! I'm so excited - I feel like it's my first one. I'm nervous about my time, but that's a whole other post.

Sorry to be blah blah boring - hope you all enjoy your weekends!! Anyone doing anything fun? I have an 11 miler tomorrow (wahoo! bring on the carbs) and my family is coming to "help out" with my landscaping and some house projects. (I realize my age in typing out that sentence, moreso because it's exciting to me...hmm). I plan on ordering, eating pizza and directing them. lol. Just kidding - I'll at least pick up a paintbrush. ;-)

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lesley said...

No, it's not horrible ... especially when your soup looks like that and has sweet potatoes in it ... yum!! : )

Missy said...

Haha you are too funny about the cumin! Good luck with the half marathon! It is so amazing to me since I have issues running for long!!

Erica said...

I love soups and stews too! Its nice to make a big pot and have tons of leftovers to bring to work or freeze for a later meal!

Good luck with your training! Sounds like you have some good stuff going on this weekend ;)

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Have fun with your run!!

(I feel the same way about soups and stews :))

- Sagan

luckytastebuds said...

hey there! It's WONDERFUL that you love soups and stews. They're filling, nutritious, and keep you hydrated. Asian people ( least when I lived in hong kong for 18 years) every meal is accompanied by soup! GO YOU! :D

Have a fabulous run hun!!

eatingfree said...

Good luck with the half-marathon! You will do fantastic :)

priyankalovesfood said...

Eating soups and stews can never be horrible. I love the fact that I can make a big batch and freeze. Plus the leftovers taste much yummier!

sweetandfit said...

thanks so much for your support girl!

soups and stews are actually really healthy for you and usually pretty low in calories as well - I love having soup with my lunch and actually with my dinner too!

hope you had a great run today - the weather was perfect =)