Friday, April 10, 2009

New Things: Almond Butter and a New Quinoa Recipe

I had to try it. And BOY am I glad I did!

Now, I had every intention of purchasing BARNEY BUTTER - I even made a special trip to the Fresh Market to get some. Wouldn't you know as I was unloading my groceries that night I noticed ONE thing that I forgot? lol. I do that sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Anywho, thankfully Miss MaraNatha came to my rescue at my normal grocery store.

WOW!! Is all I can say. This is SO very yummy. I love my PB, but this is nice to change things up a bit. It's sweet, too, and perfect with vanilla yogurt/fruit (sounds weird, but YUM!) or shmeared on a sandwich thin. I still want to try Barney Butter, though. Really I just like the name "Barney Butter." But I would like to give it a shot.

Since my new found love of quinoa, I was *tipped off* to this recipe on Wiggs website, The Beholder. Quinoa-camole. YUM!!! I added lotso cilantro (oh, how I love thee) and this was just absolutely perfect. And cherry tomatoes? I love you gals, too. Thanks, Wiggs! This will definitely be reappearing soon.

Well, we made it through another week...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend (and Happy Easter if you celebrate)! The Easter Bunny still comes to my parent's house for me. Yeah, I know. But I'm not trying to stop him! (Her?)
Happy Friday!!!!


Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

I'm DYING to try almond butter! But at my grocery store, Mara Natha is 12 bucks, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'll try going somewhere else next time...

Glad you liked the quinoa!

sweetandfit said...

I haven't tried that maranatha stuff yet, word is that its VERY expensive! your quinoa looks amazing!

kristen said...

I've bought a few small packets of almond butter (by Justin's Nut Butter - HA!)and loved them! I also haven't purchased a full jar because of the steep price, but I plan on going to the farmer's market this weekend and I'm sure I won't be able to resist.

I recently fell in love with Quinoa too, but haven't made it in awhile. I think I remember having to soak/rinse it first for a little while and I've been pressed for time when it comes to making dinner lately. I also like it as leftovers right out of the fridge.

BTW, I told my parents that I'd only stop by if the easter bunny pays a visit and leaves some yummy treats! There's no growing up when there's candy involved!

Holly said...

Wiggs - Whhhhhhhat?! WOW, there is no way I would pay $12 for this stuff. I mean, it's good, but DAYUMN. My jar was $6, I think? Still pricey, but maybe that is good because it prevents me from eating the whole jar in one sitting. :-)

Kristen - Where did you get those packets? I want some of Justin's nuts! lol. I wish they sold packets - not only for price reasons, but it would help me with portion control. Maybe I'll write Mrs. Barney. And I like that - no growing up SHOULD be involved when it comes to candy! I hope my bunny brings some goodies.

eatingfree said...

I have yet to try almond butter :) You dinner looks great; I have never had quinoa either! I'll have to try that recipe!

Happy Easter! (The Easter bunny still comes to my parents' house for me too ;))

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Mmm looks like a tasty recipe.

I didn't like almond butter a huge amount when I first tried it... then I started eating it on only banana bread and loved that, but now I eat it on regular bread just as often (if not MORE often) as peanut butter. It's so good!

- Sagan

thecleanveggie said...

i have Mara Natha creamy peanut butter and LOVE it!!

kristen said...

Holly, I found the nut butter packets (I'm such a kid, I can't even type that with smirking or laughing to myself!) at Whole Foods. I think if you google Justin's Nut Butter and go to his site, they sell boxes of the individual packets. If you have a WF by you though, I suggest buying one or two of each kind and see which you like best. MMMMMM nut butter.... :)