Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good for the Sole

My physical therapist (also a runner) suggested I try Sole Softec Inserts to help with my knee problem.

Interestingly, I checked my running shoes and found something weird. I supinate (my foot rolls out) noticeably more on my left foot than my right. And it's my left knee that is giving me trouble. Surely there is a connection?

Left Foot

Right Foot

It's hard to tell from the pics, but I only ran in these shoes for about 5 weeks before my half-marathon (and during). I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, and I'm anxious to see what he says about this.

Anyway, back to the inserts. Kind of weird, but first you pop 'em in the oven....

...then you put them in your shoes and stand for about 2 minutes (it's supposed to "mold" around your foot).

We'll see if they help! I've been "ralking" (run/walking) 3 times a week, and my knee doesn't bother me hardly at all when I run. I just wish it wouldn't ache during the day! I'll let you know what the doc says tomorrow. :-)

Do you pronate or supinate if you run? Have you ever tried inserts or orthotics?

I am thankful for:

- Hydrangeas

- Space heaters

- My close friendship with my sister, Kristy

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inmytummy said...

I played rugby in college and we had to put our mouthguard in boiling water. That reminded me of that.

I think I overpronate. That means your feet go in, right?

Missy said...

Thanks for the giveaway link! Those inserts sound great! I got my feet tested at a running store and they were normal but I still have knee issues every now and then.

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

Hope that they help! A lot of runners seem to have that problem.

- Sagan

Lisa said...

My right foot over pronates and I have tendinitis now as a result. I have the green Super Feet and Stability Plus shoes but apparently something isn't working right. It can get expensive finding something that works for you.

kristen said...

I'm pretty sure my feet are "normal," but I honestly forget. I went to a running shoe store and they did that whole test thing, but it was over four months ago. All I know if I'm in need of new running shoes soon!

BTW, I looove hydrangeas too! They're so beautiful.

insideiamdancing said...

My mom just got special inserts- can't remember what the problem is, but they have helped a lot. Hers weren't mould-able though...the pic reminds me of mouth guards being melted in hot water. Oops...I think they are supposed to be dipped. Flashback to field hockey season when I was 14 and put my mouthguard in a pan, left it on the hob and forgot about it :P Live and learn!

Baylee♥ said...

Ah :( Another Patella Femoral Pain Victim :( Im one sucks!!! I have not tried any sole pads or anything in my shoes..but i have been doing exercises the doctor gave me to do, and have been wearing braces on my knees when i ralk :) it seems to be helping!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

haha thats cute to put them in the oven.
hope this helps you!

Fitzalan said...

I overpronate, always have. And my right knee has always been worse than my left. But after blowing out my right knee, I overpronate AN INSANE amount more than my left knee.

Let me know about those inserts. I am thinking about buying some (also recommended by my doctor) and I never can find any I like.

Happiness Awaits

Fitnut said...

I really hope they work for you! It's kind of funny seeing them sitting in the oven like that :)

homecookedem said...

Those shoes look really cool!

Nicole said...

woa those inserts are BA! i ove them!!! :) i should get me a pair! were they expensive?!

btw we have the same shoes! hehe

jenn said...

I have tried inserts.

Does your knee hurt on the inside, or outside of your knee??

I ran 2 marathons, and sometimes during training/races, my knee would hurt on the outside. I did get inserts and they helped tremendously!

It stinks when your knee hurts because you are aware of it all the time! After running, I would ice it and do stretches. Ask your dr. about a physical therapist that can give you exercises to strengthen your knee. Good luck!!