Saturday, August 16, 2008

House Hunters and a Weekend Challenge

I love a challenge that holds you accountable to something. Here is a fun challenge that I decided to slow it down for the weekend - in whatever way you should interpret it.

For ME the major challenges of weekends come on Sundays. I really dislike my job, and often I turn to binging to get my mind off of going back to work the next day. So I'm challenging myself to keep busy tomorrow and to not fall into that trap. Wish me luck! :-)
On an exciting note - I'm going house hunting today! I've finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a home. It's very scary and overwhelming, but hopefully it will be a pain-free process!


sweetsandsweats said...

How did house hunting go?

And how was the aim to be binge-free on Sunday? It is definitely something hard to do! My worst times are when I am home alone for extended periods of time that I hadn't planned for. If I know I am alone for dinner one night, no big deal. But if last minute I am all alone for about 4 hours at the house, I start to binge. UGH!


CDlover said...

It went pretty well! I didn't realize how exhausting it would be. They all look so darn chipper and energetic on "House Hunters." But it's a good kind of exhausting. :-)

Unfortunately I didn't do very well with my challenge this weekend...I've kind of been beating myself up for it (okay....really just having a pity party) but today has been a good day. Gotta start somewhere!

I am the SAME way with changes in plans. My friends get frustrated because I like to always have things planned out....not to a tee, but at least a general idea. It's weird, but I definitely have more control over my eating when there is a "plan!"

kristen said...

I'm the same way, if I have a plan and know what's ahead of me, it's that much easier to eat accordingly. I usually "cheat" when things are up in the air. Maybe there's a way to have a food plan when there aren't plans in other areas in our life? Like "fall back foods" or something?

Sometimes I'll buy snacks that I won't usually eat on a regular basis, but have in case of emergency. But I'll hide them so I'm not looking at them every day. When I feel a binge coming on or a craving, I'll usually remember the snack I hid. They're usually individually packaged so I don't start and finish the whole bag/box.

CDlover said...

Kristen, you are so right! More than anything, I know my friends/family get annoyed because they obviously don't have the anxiety with changes in plans like I do.

That is a great idea to have "emergency" foods. I LOVE the 100 calorie packaged foods, like ice cream bars, etc. Even if I DO eat 3 of them (um...happened more than once!), it's not nearly as bad as eating a half gallon of ice cream (also happened more than once). :-)

WeightingGame said...

I love the idea of a do-nothing lazy sunday...but then the day comes and I get antsy and strangely feel guilty for not doing anything but watch bad reality TV. Must. Work. On. That.

carla said...


now Im missing you.

did you so slow that you ceased?



CDlover said...

Weighting Game - I remember absolutely HATING Sundays when I was a kid...not just because it was the night before school, but they were usually so boring! My mom told me one day I'd grow to LOVE them, and darnit, she's right. I love my lazy Sundays. :-)

Miz Fit - I slowed way TOO much. Like, slowed and spent the week on the couch eating bon-bons (not really but I love that phrase). But now I'm back with a vengence!