Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in Business

So I've been a little MIA for various reasons....I kind of fell off the wagon here recently, and I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer on here. I'm TRYING to focus on the positive. :-) LSS (long story short), my hip/thigh has been bothering me again, so I got a little bummed about it and my eating went wacko!

On a good and exciting note, I went swimming for the first time (well...since high school gym class when it was required and we were all forced to wear the awkward 1930's style one-pieces), and my hip/thigh wasn't any worse the next day! And this is SO cheesy to say, but Michael Phelps has really inspired me. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm jealous the guy consumes a bizillion calories at day. Nope, not jealous at all about that. :-) But really, I'd forgotten how INTENSE a swim workout can be. With running, even when running 15 miles, you find a constant...a steady pace (I never claimed to be a sprinter!). But with swimming, even when you're going "slow" you can still feel your heart pounding! I <3 it!

Oh...and another little reason I've been stressed? I bought a house!! It's empty now, so I've just included a few pics. I close in 3 weeks!!!!! Not excited at all, can'tcha tell? ;-)


carla said...

talk about a big exciting life change!

that's an excuse to be outta commission if Ive ever seen one.


may I remind you today is a NEW DAY and you can use it to launch an attack on eating clean?

swing by and let me know if I can lend a hand...


sweetsandsweats said...

CONGRATS on buying the house!! And glad you can join me in the joys of packing and stressing about how the hell to afford decorating the new place.

Glad you got into the pool. Swimming has been my salvation through the knee injury.

And don't worry about your wacky eating habits. I think they are normal! Any one with a potential history of an ed, was an avid runner and then gets is going to impact the eating. Only nature. (At least, that is what I tell myself to feel better about some of my falling off the wagon moments.)


CDlover said...

Miz - Were you a therapist in a past life? :-) Thanks for your words of encouragement. I beat myself up SO much sometimes, and it's easy to forget that I am capable of starting over fresh! Good news is that it's past noon, and so far so good for today....

Sweets - Thank you!!!! We can commiserate together! I am not looking forward to the packing/unpacking....but it will be so worth it. (or so I will be telling myself in the weeks to come!)

Thanks for reminding me that it's okay to fall off that wagon sometimes. It's just so hard, as I know you can relate, when you've had exercise as your source of balance and then it's taken away. I'm kind of excited about this swimming thing, though. Maybe I will fiiiinally get those arms/shoulder I envy about swimmers. :-)