Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So I've Been Thinking....

3 weeks from tomorrow, I will be officially moving into my house!

My best friend, D, will be moving in with me. D and I have been best friends since High School. He has been with me through some very tough times, and I'm extremely grateful to him for all of his support. He makes me laugh in the times I need it most, and builds me up (buttercup!) when I've beaten myself up for something I've done. Oh, and he's gay, too - so what more could a girl ask for? :-) I will be the Grace to his Will. Minus the awesome red hair.

I will have to admit, though, as our move-in day approaches, I'm getting more and more nervous about this whole transition. D has a VERY strong personality - he's never met a stranger, and he is not at all afraid to tell it like it is. I'm extremely non-confrontational and am a big fan of sugar coating things. I'm always terrified of upsetting or angering other people, so I try to approach my problems with others in a very cautious manner. In short, I'm worried that if I approach him about a problem that I have, he'll get mad at me and shut me out. (Which of course I will take personally and think it is my fault).

When I've had roommate problems before, my eating/exercising has always been the first thing to go out of wack. I'm hoping that this will not be the case. 95% of the time when I worry about something, it doesn't always happen. Hopefully this will be the case!

One GOOD thing we have going for us is that we are BIG on open communication. It's hard for me to be 100% honest with people for fear of hurting their feelings, but with him it's much easier. I hope this will be our saving grace.

Any tips on how to deal with any problems we might have? I've already considered "couples therapy." (Kind of kinding....kind of not). :-)


Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice but I really don't. Just have the courage and confidence in what you have to say and go from there.

Glad you are back blogging!


CDlover said...

Thanks...I just need to quite worrying - I ALways worry about things that haven't even happened yet. :-)

Erica said...

Yayy! Fun blog :) That is SO exciting about the house! Well first things first with the roommate stuff, go in with a positive and open mind! Always be honest with one another and talk about problems right when you notice them! Holding back only builds things up and makes them worse! Love each other and understand that no one is perfect! Enjoy!

CDlover said...

Thanks, Erica! I love your optimism! I am really going to try to not hold are so right that it only makes it worse. I guess the good thing is that if I can make it with him, a husband should be a breeze! Ha!