Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dog Paddle or Downward Dog?

I have taken a 4+ week sabbatical from working out, in an attempt to let my hip heal. In good news, my hip has been feeling great for the last week or two, aside from some minor aches. (Hooray!!!!) So I feel like my time off has been justified (or so I'm telling myself.....)

I think it’s time to slloooowly get back into working out. I’d like to start lifting, because it’s something I’ve never really done (other than some lifting with free weights at home occasionally), but I would also like to get involved in something else. Oh, how I wish I could do cardio! But, I don’t think my hip would like that too much. So I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: yoga or swimming.

I can only afford to do one right now because I have to either pay money for the classes or to join a pool. I think both activities would be good to do while I’m letting my hip do whatever it has to do in order to get better. But which of the two is better? Any thoughts? Miss Indecisive here looking for any opinions you might have!


carla said...

can you do yoga at home with a rented dvd? see which dvd you like and try to find it used at amazon and STILL SWIM?


Aunt H said...

I have thought about that...sometimes I am very bad about doing videos (as in, I do them for a week and then leave them to collect dust on my shelf), but maybe if I find a good one...

Thanks, MizFit!