Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAT Review and a Hit-and-Run

So a couple of months ago, I spent about $800 of my tax money to fix dings, scratches and a cracked front bumper in my car. I plan on having my car for awhile - I still love it! - and I wanted it to be purty again.

Well....we had a good few months, Red! Sadly, I backed into my neighbor's truck the other night. :-( The GOOD news is that a. he was super understanding and nice, and b. it's his company truck and they said it doesn't need to be fixed! (The scratch is only a few inches long).

The BAD news is that my car didn't fare so well:

Aggggh, such is life. I may or may not get it fixed, depending on how much it is. But I'm so relieved his car is okay!

So today I had my first Muscle Activation Technique Session. It was interesting....he tested my muscles (like, for example, he pushed on my outer leg while I tried to resist) to see how weak/strong they were. Interestingly, he noted right away that my right ankle is weaker than my left (I sprained my right ankle very badly 4 years ago).

I think I'll give it another go or two - it's pricey!!! $85/session...YOWSA. But at this point, I'd consider selling organs to get back on the roads again. So here's hopin'! (I kinda like my kidneys).

I'll leave you with a video of my ADORABLE nieces, Grace and Clare. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite joke is "What do three gay horses like to eat?" A. "Hay hay hay!" I know....not very PC but my gay friends love it more than I do. Anywho, I'm doing my part to pass on the joke to Clare.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! That is one of my all-time favourite jokes...yeah, not exactly PC but my friend (who is gay) told me it so I figure it's all good :)

Sorry about the car :( Though not having to shell out to fix his car is a mega-bonus.

Hope the MAT helps- a worthwhle investment if so! :)

Erica said...

ughhhhhh bummer about the car! I hate that cars are so expensive to fix! I think bumps and bruises just give them character, don't you ;). Hope the sessions work out for you

Missy said...

Ah sorry about the car! Never fun. Thanks for the linkage!

Nicole said...

OMG! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I love her lil voice! awwww!!! :)

Sorry about your car! Hopefully it wont be exepsnive to get fixed! What kind of car is it?!?

kilax said...

That joke is too funny. I have to tell it to my husband.

I hope the muscle training continues to go well so you CAN get back on the road!!

Fitnut said...

Oh no! Your poor car! It's a good thing it's not too bad - get some touch up paint :)

I would definitely do another session or two especially if you think it's helping.

And you're nieces are sooo cute! hehe, I'm going to be an aunt just like you!

Emily said...

Holly, I can't tell you how much I needed to watch that video at this very moment! What a cute and funny moment of you with your very, very adorable niece!! It definitely just cured my bad, stressed out post-work mood!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!! What a lucky auntie you are!! :)

Fitnut said...

I'll definitely be on the lookout for the single, good-looking golfers :) I'll try and snag one for you too and send him your way.

Okay, it's 5:50 am here - I've got to get going! Have a great weekend!

Kaylen said...

Too flippin cute!!!
Her voice is adorable.