Friday, October 3, 2008

The Moving Diet

The Moving Diet = spend approximately 2-3 hours every night packing things and preparing to move. Upon arrival in new home, spend approximately 2-3 hours every night UNpacking things and preparing to function normally. Continue to eat healthy foods throughout the day and in the evening. Drink LOTS of water, as it is very important to hydrate during the move. *Take shots of tequila while participating in the aforementioned packing and unpacking. No time is allowed for binges (especially on cookie dough) because you will be busy every night packing and unpacking.

*Unfortunately I only just thought of this part right now and didn't actually do it...but that would seriously make it so much more fun. :-)


Erica said...

Moving and eating is sooooo tough! I feel like I've been eating like poop while I've been in the process of moving. I am trying to fill up on fruits/vegis if possible!

kristen said...

You can try this as the UNpacking diet!

WeightingGame said...

I hope the closing went well! Good for you for keeping the tequila packed in an easily accessible place!

CDlover said...

Erica - it IS! I mean, I am ashamed to say that I had fast food 4 out of the 5 nights last week. Grr. It was "healthy" (Grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's...yum!), but still. But, I guess we have to cut ourselves some slack....moving really is a pretty good workout!

Kristen - ha! I will! In fact, I might have to find friends who are moving so I can keep this up. Minus the tequila.

WeightingGame - thank you! And what does it say about me that my bottle of Jose Cuervo was one of the first things I brought over???

carla said...

how did it all go??

CDlover said...

Carla - It actually all went realllllly well! Aside from losing a pillow and some shelves in the move, everything made it here okay and we're gettin' settled in. Now I just need to learn how to make a fire in the fireplace for it to be officially "homey."