Monday, October 20, 2008

Ever been...

called a piglet for eating 3 servings of pretzels in a row?

I have. :-)


sweetsandsweats said...

That is the exact reason why I cannot buy bags of honey wheat pretzels.

One bag=one serving in my world.


carla said...

I cant either....beyond being once asked if the bowl was my feed bag (!) that sh*t put saddle bags on MizFit fast.


did you try the oats and peanutbutter? thoughts?

Erica said...

Please, I could eat all the pretzels in the world ;) I am so glad you said the butternut squash is good! I will have to try it next week! Thank you! The corn is amazing!! Let me know what you think.

Charlie Hills said...

Pretzels? I came here to talk about cookie dough!


CDlover said...

SweetsandSweats - Mmmmm...honey wheat! Those are my fave. I get the waffle buttery flavored kind. Just for my craving of something salty. And, seriously, pretzels are so small that one bag SHOULD be one serving. Right?

Miz - I didn't try the oats + PB yet because...I am out of PB!! How did I ever let this happen?? My poor bananas have gone bad because they are lonely without PB.

Erica - I love recommendations because I hate wasting something and well...I'm cheap. (Trying to be, anyway). :-) I put a little Mrs. Dash in the Butternut Squash soup, too, just because I love the Garlic/Herb flavor. I put it on everything!

Charlie - ha!!!! Touche...touche. (I totally had to google that, no idea how to spell it!). Let the cookie dough talk proceed!