Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caffeine Free! For Now.

I've officially gone since Saturday without any caffeine! I've "broken up" with caffeine before, and strangely I notice I almost have more energy. Is this just in my head? I don't know...but there's something empowering about going all day at work without a drop of java or Diet Coke. That being said, I would kill someone for a Diet Coke! lol. It's definitely made me realize, though, that drinking just water isn't as bad as I thought.

I did have to break down and have some herbal tea yesterday afternoon - caffeine free.

My headache was just annoying and I needed something other than water. I made some Tazo Calm tea, hoping what the back of the packet said was true:

Seriously??? Sitting on a mountain meadow??! Hmmmm....okay, Tazo. lol.

Here in the past month or two, I have been getting so hungry in the mornings. I have always been the type of person who has a small breakfast, small lunch, a decent dinner, and grazes at night. Well for CFW I've tried cookin' up a little bloggy favorite for breakfast - oats! I forgot how much I liked them. (Well, the packets aren't quite the same and that is what I used to eat). I have to nuke them at work since I like eating a later breakfast and lunch (I wake up around 6 but eat around 8:30/9:00). Sorry for the crappy picture - I probably should just bring pretty bowls to the office. :-)

Let me just tell you, this keeps me full until lunch! Can you believe it? I just added 1/2 a banana and - of COURSE - a spoonful of Smart Balance Natural PB. And some cinnamon. YUM! It's waaaaay more filling than my normal breakfast - the fruit/yogurt parfait from McDonald's. (McDonald's will seriously think I died this week).

There's a part of me that was a little scared to have such a big breakfast, since I know I'm a late day/night snacker. I'm really trying to get out of the habit of grazing at night - although it's normally healthy stuff I'm eating, I just want to be better about eating intuitively. I have been doing a really good job of that with CFW...I hope it continues. :-)

I really wanted to make Erica's Turkey Quinoa Stew for this week, but I don't have room in my fridge! lol. With all of the produce and my leftovers, I've decided to eat those up first and make the stew on Friday or Saturday. Mmmm, I'm so excited!


Erica said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! You totally amaze me! Knowing how hard it is to break the diet coke addiction- I think you are doing just amazing. Keep up the good work baby doll!

Anonymous said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog! good luck with crap free week, I tried to do it - but I am just not that disciplined! hehe

HangryPants said...

Man I do not know if I could abandon caffeine!

Maybe if you have more food in the morning and throughout the day you'll be less hungry at night?

carla said...

youre my heroine.

carla said...

(and yes on the frontloading of the food. more clean eats in morning?)

Holly said...

Erica - thanks! It's TOUGH. I still don't think I can give up DC for good (it makes me happy! is that sad?) but this is DEFinitely teaching me I need to cut back.

Sweetandfit - I'm usually not very disciplined when it comes to things...and I've definitely had a few slip-ups! I just can't wait for some chocolate.

Heather - that is what I'm hoping...I've always been VERY scared of eating a lot during the day. But maybe I can train my brain to eat more in the a.m. and less in the p.m.?

MizFit - lol - thank you! I am right with you on eating more in the a.m. What I DO love? Not being so hungry during the day! I think my co-workers like it, too.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Don't fear the big breakfast my friend. I used to be the same way - no more than 200-300 calories at breakfast, or often just nothing but coffee. Now, I eat a good sized meal, and I feel much more balanced all day. I guess I just wanted to save up my calories for lunch, dinner, AND a late night dessert. No worries - you won't overeat the rest of the day. Plus, I'm much happier. I used to starve all morning and get really angry/snappy waiting to eat until lunch (low blood sugar maybe?). A full belly in the AM = a kinder heart. :)

Way to go on the caffeine. That is not an easy thing to do - I'm proud of ya!

alessa said...

thank you so much for all the music recommendations, that was great! cant wait to download some of them. yay!

kristen said...

Wow, what willpower! I hate it when I don't have my afternoon Diet Dr. Pepper. It's not necessarily the caffeine I need - although the boost is great - but I like having that sweetness, it curbs other dangerous cravings.

Your breakfast of oats, banana, and PB is making me hungry! I need to buy me some 'nanners.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

aww man im drinking coffee right now. i feel so guilty...

Kelly Turner

healthy ashley said...

Yay for being caffeine free! I do see that I'm less tired when I stay away from caffeine. Weird!

Holly said...

Heather - it makes me feel a lot better to hear you say that. :-) It's just so hard when you've done something for so long....and I know I need to eat more during the day, it just stresses me a bit. Hopefully that will come with time. P.S. I think my co-workers really like me eating a bigger breakfast. ;-)

Alessa - awesome! You are very welcome. I listen to SUCH random music when I run...but it keeps it fun, for sure.

Kristen - I almost had to wipe the drool from my mouth when you mentioned Diet Dr. Pepper. :-) And I totally agree....I've seen the study where they say diet drinks (or artificial sweeteners) will help increase your sugar cravings, but during the DAY, it's actually the opposite for me! I can't wait for a DC on Sunday.

Kelly - suckah. hahaha, really I am just jealous - and I don't even drink coffee.

Healthyashley - isn't that weird? It's like our bodies forget how it is to function without caffeine (because we think we can't)...

Anonymous said...

Good for you! This is really awesome. (and what, you don't go to a mountain meadow every day to drink your tea? Weird ;) hehe).

Your way of eating oatmeal is my FAVORITE way- just oats, water, banana, loads of cinnamon, and a spoonful of peanut butter. So classic. So delicious.

- Sagan

Fitnessista said...

way to go!
i haven't had coffee in 3 days and it's been rough
i totally agree about eating more in the morning and during the day-- when i don't i'm starving at night
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Holly said...

Sagan - I LOVE my oats that way! So simple, so tasty. I hope I never, ever get tired of it. :-)

Fitnessista - thanks! Ugh, going without favorite drinks I think is almost as hard (harder?) as going without some of my favorite foods. But it does feel pretty darn good (after a few days). :-)