Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wishin', and Hopin'...

...that THIS were my kitchen. Seriously.

I'm house sitting this week and I REALLY am going to have an extremely difficult time going back to my kitchen. It reminds me of when I was a freshman in college and dreaded going back to my crappy old dorm room after staying at my parent's house for a weekend. BUT you somehow miss the crappy old dorm room...because it's yours. Even though it smelled funny and old (my current kitchen at home does not). ;-_

And the best part (or some might say...worst part?) My parent's house is right next door! So I don't have to worry about becoming a part in some Lifetime Movie drama here.

View from the back window.....ahhhhhh.

I am SO EXCITED for this weekend! I always go with my family to the Indianapolis 500, so I'll do that Sunday. I know it looks crazy boring on TV, but trust me - it is SO MUCH fun! Well, at least the beginning and the end are. Hopefully I'll get some sun (with sunscreen!) this weekend and get to hang with the fam and friends. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Memorial Day weekend is my favorite weekend of the year - it means a *certain* birthday is not too far away!

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Missy said...

Wow I wish I had the kind of view from my house! So pretty! Not sure what I am doing this weekend but hopefully it will involve a beach one of the days!

Nicole said...

I want a kitchen like that someday! SOo jealous

Anonymous said...

you know, I always say that if I have the money, I would spend it all on building myself the best, most well-equipped kitchen. that kitchen there is my dream!

HangryPants said...

Wow that kitchen and whole house are gorgeous! I would definitely be spoiled!